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The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic has officially reached me since my last post. Minimally, I’m getting a fifteen day vacation but it’s panning out like that fifteen days might be extended at least a little longer. I’m not complaining. A long vacation is actually really soulfully and mentally healing. I can focus on other things without worrying about work. Not that I’ve done too much in the last seven days thus far…

Anyways, amidst this time of “social distancing” I thought I would give a quick share of all the ways you can still follow me socially among the big ‘ole internet. Let’s stay social, six feet apart and behind screens!

This blog is my first stop for social. You can find snippets of my work, get in touch with me, and see what’s up in a slightly more formal manner. I try to post once a week. If you have WordPress account you can follow me via the sidebar prompt. If you don’t have a WordPress account you can enter an email address on the sidebar instead and get an email every time I post.

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Look to the right sidebar!

Secondly, you can find me on Facebook under my author page. Most of what goes on with Facebook is chatting among writing groups and sharing of these blog posts, with the occasional other post thrown in there. I don’t utilize it as much as I probably should, but Facebook’s algorithms are a pain in the ass.

Like Facebook, you can now also find me on Twitter! I made the account last year and have meant to announce that in a more public way instead of just my sidebar announcing it, but never quite got around to it. With Twitter you can find me sharing weekly flash fiction challenges and other writing related tidbits from fellow authors, editors, and many others, a few more updates than what Facebook gets, and some other chatting. Currently, I’m doing a #StayHome #QuarantineLife adventures update each night because I gotta fill up these hours of the day somehow without the evil day job.

Lastly, and least interactive of all, you can still find me on Wattpad. Most of my free reads are now unpublished thanks to growing concerns about Wattpad’s security for authors’ rights and their stories. (See my old, old blog post for details.) But a few that I know will never go anywhere beyond where they are now are still available to read. Not that I recommend it. There’s a reason they were left on the “yeah, no, not happening” pile.

So that’s it! Those are the four places you can currently find me on the big ‘ole internet right now. Be sure to give me a follow if you feel so inclined to follow along the life of a sporadic, forgetful, dark fiction author with an evil day job that one day will find a way to make her writing her full time job.

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