26 thoughts on “SERIOUS WARNING To Wattpad Users!

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  3. You’re joking, right? I mean, seriously, Wattpad doesn’t care about writers who aren’t popular or bringing them in any money. If you are not a popular writer bringing in thousands of readers every month, they could care less about your account. Honestly, I’m not surprised by the way you were treated.

    Well, keep having fun on Wattpad =) It’s an annoying thing to deal with, but I’ve been there, done that, and won’t be going back.


      • I’m sorry you are going through that, but I’ve been burned by that website too many times. They are about money, and if you are not popular, they don’t care about you. It’s a sad fact, but it’s life.


                    • =) I’m so glad to be of help! A saw a popular writer once who wasn’t getting helped by Wattpad, so she had her followers complain for her. After they all complained, the Wattpad staff fixed her account. It’s sad, but Wattpad doesn’t respond to one person asking for help. You have to complain in a mass, or like I said, bring in money from them.

                      Honestly, that website treats non-popular writers so badly, I couldn’t stand being there any longer. Once the ad-revenue program came out, the division between writers was so bad.

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                    • I’m beginning to realize just how poorly they treat writers that aren’t huge Watty winners or thousands of followers and reads. It goes against everything they stood for in the beginning as a site.

                      I’m going to try something. To get attention of a few popular writers I follow. Two of which maybe, just maybe might be willing to help. I’ve been demanding to speak to someone higher than who I’m speaking to the in report, and if they still won’t listen… Well, maybe I’m just going to have to find a way to take this to the media.

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                    • Yep, that’s about right. If you aren’t popular, they don’t care about you. I hope you get a popular writer to help you out. No writer should have to deal with abuse on the site or someone copying their work. I was cyber bullied on Wattpad, so I know what you are going through.


                    • I’m sorry you had to face something similar to my situation. This isn’t right, at all. It’s so…infuriating, and I honestly feel betrayed by a site I trusted for a couple years.

                      I got a reply back to my demand to speak to someone higher up on my report today that told me the evidence I gave them was not sufficient enough for them to take action. An admittance of attempted theft is not enough to constitute action in their eyes. I’m so…rattled by this now.

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                    • Thanks, but it’s ok. I left Wattpad behind for the better, and I’m happier for it. I do feel bad that you have to deal with this. Have one of the popular writers you know reach out to them and complain. If one popular writer can get their demands met, there is no reason another shouldn’t. Don’t give up! The division between writers there is real, and I hope others see it.

                      Also, the fact you are a user asking for help and are not getting it is bad customer service. If you know your support rep’s name, you can complain on the Wattpad Twitter account, or wherever you can get your voice heard.


                    • Oh, I know my support user’s name. They’re apparently the head of the Trust & Safety Team. How fucking ironic. (Excuse my language.)

                      Thank you for the support and encourgaement, again. Perhaps I will start complaining wherever I can, too.

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  4. After reading this, a very bad feeling kinda consumed me for a few seconds. This could literally happen to anyone, anytime and I think that’s what scares me the most. My stories aren’t the best or even original but they mean a lot to me, as they do to you and every other author there too. I’m sorry you had to go through that and Wattpad sat on their butts doing nothing. I’m not popular or anything but I’m a ‘Star’ (I still don’t really know what that is) so hoping that will help in some way, I’ve posted this link on my profile so my followers are aware and can support you too. I don’t have social media so I guess I’m counting on them to spread it. I really hope they do though, cos I feel for your situation and for any other writer that must be going through this right this second, without any support.

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    • I’m not really sure what being a ‘Star’ means on Wattpad either, other than it makes the company money and shortchanges the authors themselves. I have refused to participate in any of the new premium updates and star exclusives.

      I can say for certainty I am not the only one this has happened to. Awhile ago someone posted on my Wattpad wall that the same thing happened to them. Wattpad truly isn’t safe for small writers and for that I took down every worthwhile story I had on my profile. What’s left is stuff I never plan to go forward with or is pretty old and horrible for where my writing is now. I use Wattpad only for keeping in touch with people I befriended before Wattpad went south.

      I do hope that your share helps spread some word. I appreciate the share to your own followers and I hope that it warns the right people and brings some extra attention to this issue. It will never change unless us writers and readers raise some hell. I could not do it on my own, as a nobody among the thousands, for I nearly got myself banned in trying to fight. The only way things will change is if the word spreads and the right people with a say and some weight in the Wattpad world start to raise their voices too.


    • Additionally, I would love to know what your Wattpad handle is for a chance at a shoutout if you’re willing to share.

      I can say for sure your share is reaching some of your readers/followers, too. I can tell by the feedback my blog stats is giving me.


  5. I really feel very bad after reading this, wattpad truth, Allah..Allah it’s really a very shocking news for me, thank you for informing us about this truth.., hey friend if you need any kind of help..please I’m there for you.
    Writer: Kehkashan Saltanath Ali


  6. As with deviantArt going downhill and having layoffs circa 2015, Wattpad also had layoffs in 2017. I am currently dealing with a theft issue with them and noticed they are just copying and pasting the same responses into their replies. They seem young and seem to have little to no autonomy to actually help users. Stay safe and keep blocking/not responding to the stalker who sounds a bit like something out of Stephen King’s Misery. You might wish to pick up the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker from your library, as he advised on how to deal with stalkers such as these.


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