About Darkling Dreams

Welcome to Darkling Dreams!

Darkling Dreams is home to the ramblings of author Daelyn Morgana’s mind. This blog is both a platform for promotion of her own works and those she supports or invites in, a gateway to tips and tricks of the writing path and career, and a journey of exploration through a plethora of other topics which sometimes relate to writing and other times come out of left field. Some examples of left field topics may include camping adventures, exciting news or updates on changes to her life that affect this blog, book reviews, randomized thoughts that may or may not relate to writing, and much more. The majority of posts will in some form relate to writing.

Posts will run once a week, on no set schedule due to a full time job with ever changing hours. The only true scheduled posts will occur on Sundays, as Daelyn participates in the growing Facebook community of Sunday Snippets: a group of authors from varying genres, skill level, and career paths who share a short excerpt of a work in progress of their choosing each week. On occasion, other posts like flash fiction tidbits may pop up in a burst of inspiration. If a week is skipped without a new post don’t fret, sometimes life is too busy.

Most posts will be written by Daelyn. However, there will be guest posts from other authors, friends, editors, bloggers, etc on occasion. Daelyn is always open to interaction with her followers and readers, and encourages everyone to leave their thoughts and reactions respectively in the comment sections. Every lit bit of support and interaction from followers and fans mean the world to authors, so don’t be shy.

Do be forewarned, Daelyn has no map to navigate her own mind and has a tendency to go off on a tangent down the dark recesses within. She will try to not ramble off down those corridors and keep posts to roughly a one thousand word limit, sometimes less. Long posts may be broken into more than one part if deemed necessary for the topic.

Interested to delve into the journey of a dark fantasy/paranormal author with a side of creative and random twists? Well, then click that follow button or enter your email address on the right hand side to join the growing horde of Darklings. And welcome to the realm of dark dreams, Daelyn is happy to have you along this twisted path with her. She hopes to see you in her notifications tab.


Shout out to an amazing author/blogger/good friend who gave me the idea for the title of this blog — P.T. Wyant! Go check her blog out, she’s awesome.

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