About Darkling Dreams

Darkling Dreams is going to be a creative, sometimes spooky and random, blog. My posts may sometimes be about writing. (Okay, that’s a lie. A lot of the time it will be about writing.) Sometimes about totally random mumbo jumbo. Other times it may be related to something going on in my life or something I have accomplished. Or maybe it will even be something funny and completely out there.

With my mind, who knows?

My main reason for this blog is for writing purposes, though. (I plan to do Sunday Snippets every week! Let’s see if I actually hold myself to that…) However, I am horrible — legit horrible — at follow through with just about everything. So when my posts start to fall off the face of the earth or down a hole, it’s probably because I started to give up. If you follow this blog and like what I post, then please, do this author a huge favor and light a fire under her ass so she gets back to posting and such. (I’m dead serious there.)

Now, as I was saying…

I wish to publish posts twice a week at least (I’m thinking maybe Tuesdays and Fridays) along with a Sunday Snippet. Some Wednesdays may have a bit of a short flash fiction piece go up but that’s going to be hit and miss. (Though I wish I would do it all the time.) And every once in awhile maybe I will post something on a completely random day because something important happened. But that probably won’t happen often.

Said posts could be anything from the ramblings of my mind, to something writing related, to some topic that struck me out of nowhere like lightning, or maybe even something relating to what’s going on currently in my life.

As I said above: With my mind, who knows?

Since this blog is mainly for writing purposes, here’s what to expect me from on the author spectrum:

(Why you ask? Simple, because I can.)

My mind has always been stuck in fantasy land, chatting away with the characters in my head, and coming up with these stories. (No I am not insane for talking to the characters in my head. Well… Sanity is overrated anyways. Let’s not go there, though and just say we did. Sound good? Good.)

I am mainly an author who is geared towards the darker aspects of life. (Hence the title of this blog.) So, a lot of what I write — or post sometimes — is going to be dark in some shape or form. Anything dark, creepy, and twisted I am drawn to like a moth to a flame. It is just what I love.

Don’t like that kind of stuff?

Tough luck, it’s about all you’ll find if you delve into my mind with me. (Be forewarned, I have no map to navigate my own mind. It could be a bumpy ride…)

Now, on occasion some light and cheery things will pop into play, but don’t expect it to be often. There is a reason my favorite color is black and a reason I am drawn to the night.

You get my drift…

Darkling Dreams will be a trip into my complicated, dark mind with a few twists and turns. A little bit of everything will be provided here, if you dare to enter with me. (I warned you I have no map.)

Well, before I begin rambling and get carried away — you’ll come to notice I do that, A LOT — I’m going to wrap this up. That was basically the gist of what to expect from Darkling Dreams and myself, Daelyn. I hope those of you that follow this blog enjoy what I post/write, and I hope that you stick with me!


And I’m going to sign off with a shout out to an amazing author/blogger/good friend who gave me the idea to the title of this blog — P.T. Wyant! Go check her blog out, she’s awesome.


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