Roller Coasters

Roller coasters are fun!

Well, let me rephrase that. The ones in amusement parks are tons of fun, the ones life likes to send you on emotionally and physically are not so much fun.

For the past week life has had me on a very wild and twisty one that’s had me going down a very steep hill pretty damn fast and has made me sick. Literally.

So yes, I know I missed Wednesday’s and Friday’s post last week. (Shame on me.) But no, I did not forget about my blog. I did not have another computer crash — thank the Gods. I did not give up on this blog or anything. I just… I had a really, really rough week.

My Wednesday post never came because I was caught up dealing with contracts, work, and horseback riding, and then I ended up psyching myself out rather greatly by the end of the night on multiple fronts so I was severely down in a deep, dark place. I never even wrote my Shard for that Wednesday yet. By Friday I wasn’t any better and I was away the weekend so I didn’t have a lot of time to write a post anyways, and I still had no heart or will to force out a post.

Therefore, I skipped both posts. I apologize. I hate skipping or missing a post, but I am back and rolling again, and in a bit better spirits finally.

Okay, “bit better spirits” may be an understatement right about now. I think I’m living a dream and someone needs to pinch me. Or maybe I’m walking on air again.

See what I mean? These life coasters are a royal bitch!

I did say literally to being sick, too, right? Because I am. Well, I’m getting over it now, finally. Wednesday night I could feel it starting to hit me and it just got worse day after day until I finally woke up starting to feel better today. I’m not coughing anymore really, and I’m able to sing and have enough energy to squeal and jump around in excitement, as well as dancing, so I think that’s a good sign finally.


That bit of the roller coaster aside — and no I’m not going into that dark and lonely path that I’ve been walking on for awhile — I’m a bit bummed to say the 2016 camping season is over for me. No more trips this year.

Though that also means I won’t be falling any further behind on those journal entries for it. So, yay?

I am excited to say that the publishing opportunity is for real now. Editing completed and contract signed for real. It’s happening, people. I’m living in a goddamn dream right now. There are way too many emotions going through me over this anthology book right now, but I’m not going to get into all those details until I know more of release dates and how I’m allowed or not allowed to promote and talk up the book.

But do stay tuned for that! It’s coming! *Squee!*

Actually, it’s coming on Friday’s post. (One of those speak of the devil and he shall come moments when you glance at email. LOL.) So, SQUEEEEEE!

Okay! Before I start rambling off into incoherent squeals, laughter, and sounds of excitement — I’m a writer and I have no words for this feeling right now — I think I better stop and go write some flash fiction.

Yes, go write, and ride this high a little longer.

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