Running On Fumes

It’s the last day of September? Already? Where has this month gone?! It seriously feels like it just started and already it’s over.

It may feel like it was really short, but in terms of things I had going on and exhaustion, it’s been a really, really long month. Tomorrow is my first free day in which I have nothing I have to do since September 13th… Out of my entire calendar for this month, there are only four blank days in which I had nothing going on, three of which happened in the first week of September. Really, even those blank days were spent working on the publication probably.

No wonder I’m so damn exhausted.

Speaking of exhausted, I was just awake for 29 hours straight (because 5am work starts are cruel and unusual punishment for a night owl) so I’m a walking zombie yet. The so-called nap I took after work hasn’t done me much good because I couldn’t stay asleep. So basically, this blog post could sound a lot like this:


So, yeah, if this post sounds as jumpy and sporadic as that saying…you’ve been warned. Daelyn is running on fumes.

Anywho, um… Where was I going with this again?

Not sure why I’m asking that question. If I can’t decipher my own brain you guys sure as hell aren’t going to be able to either. You’d probably run from a single glimpse in my head. I run from it sometimes. (Is that possible?)

Seriously, where was I going with this?

*Retraces steps*

Sporadic and random post, no sleep, exhausted, September ov– OH!

(I think I need a liter of Dr. Pepper instead of just a bottle to wake the hell up at this point. Or I need to go back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, and sleep brought a really freaky dream that managed to unnerve me sooo… Yeah, I don’t want to sleep right now. Said dream would make a great plot though — and yes, being the writer I am I wrote it down.)

ANYWHO! (Focus, brain! … Nope, it’s laughing at me.)

So I was talking about September being over and normally that means I recap my goals for the month. So in that spectrum… *Ponders, blinks* Um, what were my goals for September? Honestly, I can’t think of them right now. I’ve been so non-stop busy that I haven’t had time for anything other than working my goddamn ass off and working for the publication.

What the hell were my goals for September again?

*Wanders off through the land of blog posts to go find out*

Oh right! Oh… Right… *Cringes*

Er, well, so my goals of September were to complete all my camping journal notes — 3 by the end of the month, write three of the camping entries — one a week, finish all catch up Shards I had to write — I had two left, write 15k on Fated to Darkness, and whatever work popped up for the publication.

And out of those five things I’ve done… *Cringes again* Well, I know I started the camping notes. I got through one and a half, I still had two more to do though. I did get the Shards caught up! Those are all done and I’ve managed to stay up to date with them despite everything going on. I did not get any camping entries written out, and I…did not…write a word on…Fated to Darkness

I know! I know! My characters hate me and feel so neglected and are yelling like crazy. I had so many hopes to have this book finished soon and everything just keeps getting in the way. I’m still struggling with the chapter I’m on, and I’m just so tired. I now have three months to accomplish my goal of finishing the first draft this year, along with the notes. And the holiday season is already beginning in retail, which means… Yeah, I don’t want to think about it. I’m going to go hibernate like a bear with my writing supplies for the next three months so I’ll actually have time to write.

Which… That reminds me of something else that’s been nagging at the back of my head since a certain conversation I had, but…I don’t want to talk about that right now.

So September is over, I failed massively on my goals, and don’t even ask me what my October goals are because I haven’t the foggiest idea. Nor do I have any coherence up in this head of mine right now to figure it out. That post will have to wait till next week, probably Friday because I think I know what Tuesday’s post will be–OH!

That’s what I forgot to mention! The paperback print copy of Paranormal Pleasures is coming out in a couple days! *Happy dance* I’ll do another launch post of that on Tuesday. I can’t wait!

I’ll talk about the launch and anything else regarding it next Tuesday and then hopefully by Friday I’ll have a set of October goals figured out to ramble on about. And don’t forget, this Sunday’s post will begin featuring my short story, Embermyst, from Paranormal Pleasures for all my snippets next month!

Oh, crap, now I realized this publication means I need to create a new page on this blog for Published Works. Great… One more thing to add to the ever growing list that never ends! *Headdesk*

Now I think that was all I wanted to say. I think… If not, oh well, it’ll come to me an hour after I lay back down for sleep tonight and by that point it’ll be screw it. I’m going to go hibernate this weekend now, since, you know, it’s the first time I’ll have two days off in a row in over a month, and the first day I’ve had in two and a half weeks that I have nothing I need to do. (Sort of. Nothing out of the house at least.)

So I wasn’t too sporadic on this post, was I?

*Glances back through*

…Okay, scratch that.