Barely Surviving

I’ve survived the first week of NaNo!

Sort of.

I’m just barely hanging onto par, but I’m hanging on. Well, actually, because of today’s inconvenient time frame that was work, I’m going to fall below par in roughly an twenty minutes. But I’m sort of holding on for now.

I was off Sunday and Monday and remember me saying days off I was aiming for 5k a day?

Yeah. No. That didn’t happen on either day. I managed 3.5k or so yesterday, but Sunday all I managed was about 1.7k. I blame Sunday partly on the fact it’s the only night I have shows I watch. Monday I don’t have much of an excuse other than running one errand.

So when I should have had 10k and been at 16k — which is par for day 10 — I’m just barely holding onto today’s par. I have two more days off this week, and then Sunday off for next week and I better get some freaking words written because after this week I can kiss my energy and time goodbye for the next two months.

Despite just barely holding onto par, the story is moving along nicely right now. I’ve just gotten to a part that made me squeal in happiness because I’ve been waiting to write it for a long time now. The more I’m writing though the more I’m wondering if I am going to finish this novel in 50k or not.

I really hope I do, but I also don’t want to mess it up by saying I need to and then the ending sucks or misses pieces. I’m trying to pace myself and say it is what it is, but…


Or should I say thee goal of finishing this novel this year. That goal is teetering very precariously right now. I’m not sure how this is going to work out, but I’m going to try.

I apparently don’t have riding tomorrow now because my instructor won’t be around so I have the whole day to write, and since I’m off, I better do that 5k I want. That helps a little bit, I’m going to need it. As long as I make myself write that much.

Now let’s just hope I don’t have any unwelcomed distractions. Welcomed distractions are okay, but I’ll pass on any distractions I don’t want.

Like the results of the election…


Yeah, no, I’m going to go hide with my security blanket and a bottle of┬ávodka and pray this country doesn’t set itself back fifty years or so. I honestly fear for my future. Actually, I think I’ll find a way to make this fantasy world reality and go live there the rest of my life then. It’ll be better than this world that’s for sure.