The Final Stretch

We’re in the final stretch of NaNoWriMo now. Just a week left. (I’m not counting today because it’s nearly over now.)

Are you panicking yet?

I’m not, surprisingly. Not really at least. I am a little bit because I work the rest of this week — yes, including Thanksgiving, retail sucks — and I don’t know what my work week will look like next week yet to know if I’ll be alright, or if I’ll be pulling all nighters to get that win.

Right now I’m at 35k, which is par for yesterday. So I am at least on track.

Today was my only day off this week and I had hoped for another 5k today because my personal goal was to be at 40k by Thanksgiving. The thinking behind that was I figured I could manage the last 10k in the last six days of November without much issue.

Except… I haven’t written a word yet today.

All because I’ve had to spend my only day off cleaning and getting ready for the family coming to my house for Thanksgiving. The plan was to clean my bathroom, get a shower, do my laundry, and write 5k by the end of tonight.

Yeah, about that… Only two of those things have happened.

I got the bathroom cleaned and got my shower, but I wasn’t planning on sweeping and mopping the kitchen/hallway floor, too. That threw a wrench in things. (Remembering I had to write this blog post did too.) I only ended up doing the floor because a certain someone was in the shower at the time and everyone in this household knows she wasn’t going to do it before Thursday, or at all, so while I had the peace of not getting yelled at for not doing it HER way, I took the chance and got it done.

So these two things have screwed me a little in the rest of my plans.

The laundry isn’t happening tonight now. Mainly because I’m tired and I know I’ve got a long rest of the week ahead of me. I was hoping for at least a little bit of downtime today being it’s my only day off till who knows when. Plus I haven’t written anything yet so I need to do some of that before I crash tonight. Whenever that’ll be.

Granted, I can multitask laundry quite easily with writing, but it’s going to wait till tomorrow for sure now because, you know, riding was cancelled for the third week in a row now thanks to dentist appointments for horses that I just found out about. (Two of these cancellations were not my own doing.)

I guess I don’t have to worry about that now. I’m not sure if that leaves me bitter or a bit relieved. I was already thinking of cancelling so I would be ready for Thursday, and just…riding right after working on a Wednesday is so exhausting. It’s not…fun anymore, not the release and escape it used to be. It’s more stress than it is relaxing when I work the same day, and 90% of the time I work the same day. Go figure. I hate to say it, but riding has begun to lose that appealing and captivating charm it used to have on me.

Anyways, moving away from screwed up plans and stresses to get back on topic…

NaNoWriMo is in the final home stretch and I think I’ll be okay to come out with a win with minimal craziness. (Scratch that. Work will be filling in that craziness, but I’m not going to go down that avenue right now after yesterday’s shift or you’ll be hearing a lot of cuss words from me.)

Fated to Darkness is definitely going to take more than the final 15k of the month to finish unlike how I had hoped. However, if it takes another 50k on top of this month’s 50k I think I’m going to strangle myself. Literally. Or pull my hair out. Or both. (I’m so not looking forward to editing this book.) I’m really starting to worry this book is too long. So it better not take another 50k to finish after this month.

I don’t think it will, but hey, that’s what I said at the beginning of this month too and look how that went! I’m so bad at estimating word count.

On the plus side, I finally figured out something about one of my characters. Well, more accurately, something about one of my characters that happens to be a horse. So sort of a secondary character, kind of.

It’s a start though. I’ve been trying to figure out the breed of this horse for ages, and I finally got it. I figured out a type of coloring too that goes with it!

Although, a plus side always doubles with a downside with me.

I’ve been leaving myself waaaay too many notes as of late of things I need to research. Certain plants. Victorian architecture. I need to make up a name for a crystal that only exists in a fantasy land. Something about the said horse’s breed because I figured out the breed after writing that scene. Yeah. Too many notes.

I should have done a lot more building and research beforehand. Then again, I had no idea I was going to need some of this. Okay, I knew I should have looked up the architecture earlier, I’ve known that one. The others came out of nowhere though.

But that’s a problem for after NaNo. Right now I just gotta get that word count, then I can worry about the rest.

Which… I need to get writing, and I need to finish the damn chapter I’m on, and then I need to write a Shard and another blog post after midnight. It never ends.