Who is D. Morgana?

Who is D. Morgana?

Well, for starters, D. Morgana is short for Daelyn Morgana.

And Daelyn does not want to talk about herself like she’s a character in one of her novels, so…

Hello, there!

My name is Daelyn Morgana. Well, technically that’s my pen name, not my real name but you get the point. I live in the good ‘ol USA and I’m a cowgirl at heart. (No seriously, I should have been born in the country, not the suburbs..) I love all animals and nature. Give me a horse and an open field any day over the closely knit neighbors of cities and towns.

As you can tell, I love horseback riding. I’m probably obsessed with horses, but let’s not go there! I also love to do archery, anything crafty, go camping, and take hikes in the woods. I’m a shy person who takes things to heart so any negative feedback deters me slightly. On the other hand, any positive feedback gets me going even more! However, people seem to learn the hard way that when you piss me off I’m like a bear that was woken from its long winter’s nap too early. I’m still young, still learning a lot in my life, but I am slowly finding myself along the way with the help of good friends and family.

I’m an avid reader. I love books because I believe they can take you somewhere else. Plus a good story is always a good passer of time. I read just about anything, but fantasy and anything darker in nature are my go to reads. On a day where I have nothing to do, you can find me curled up with a book in bed.

I was fascinated with writing when I was real young, probably around 6 or 7 years old — it got to the point where my neighbor and I tried to write a book called “Money From Mars”. (I have no idea where we were trying to go with that looking back now. LOL!) But I didn’t really start writing until my high school years. I started out just doing these little random stories, some of them came from assignments at school and others were just out of boredom. But then one assignment in 10th grade really kick-started my writing.

We had read “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini and our end of the book assignment option was to write an epilogue to it. Well, needless to say, I jumped at the idea and made this long chapter epilogue. When I turned it in and my teacher read it, he was shocked at how good it was. He told me I had a real talent for writing and to never give it up. And since then I have written a lot more. His encouragement promoted me to take Creative Writing in 12th grade and now I have journals full of rough drafts. (And still many more stories running amuck in my head.)

Needless to say, 12th grade was when I really got into writing. And since then I have had numerous novel ideas and lots of short story ideas. I always wanted to be published one day so I wrote and I wrote. But slowly I gave up hope.

Until one day.

When I started working I had a co-worker who liked to write as well, and she told me of this great free website where I could post my stories and get them out there, start to get noticed. I jumped at the idea. That wonderful website is called Wattpad.

Really, I’ve been writing throughout my whole life, just sort of on and off… (You can’t rush these things.)

So through all that, here I am now. Posting stories to Wattpad, creating my first blog, taking part in NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo, participating in Sunday Snippets… I’m rolling along here. I still want to be published and I’m still trying to get noticed on Wattpad, and I still have tons of ideas for stories, but I have not given up. And I won’t give up.

My writing is mostly fantasy based, and a lot of it is darker stuff. For some reason, I am just drawn to those types of works. But I will try my hand at just about anything. (I found out the hard way romance is not my strong suit…)

Well, that’s about it. And please, if you want to take an interest in my works, I can be found on Wattpad! Just click on the link and pop on over. Or go click on “I’m on Wattpad!” above to find out what I have to offer to read. I greatly appreciate any and all support! And also, if you like what you read, please leave me a vote or comment, or shoot me a message. I love to hear what others think. Heck, even if you just have a question shoot me a message.

Daelyn is over and out!


2 thoughts on “Who is D. Morgana?

  1. Two things. I’m going to check out Wattled (I loved Linked In Poetry Editors and Poets as a route towards winning feedback)–and your kickk off literary excusion with The Kite Runner is an exciting story to hold in the retrieval bin–forever. The “dark” in that context puts you in line for a Pulitzer, not just a publisher.
    Second thing is the series of writing books beginning (I think) with Writing Down to the Bone and including at least three others I read and used in my years of teaching. If I go look for her name, I’m going to lose this reply, but Google her. What I gained most from her is the practice of writing a page of WHAT I WANT MOST ideas and a page of WHAT I NEVER WANT. I my mind, that sort of exercise pushes us into a comfort zone till we warm up, then lurches us out to where we’d prefer most of the time not to venture. I doubt that your fascination with the dark side prospers without abundant life lived on the sunny side of the street, but DON”T DISCOUNT the way there’s a crack in everything (as Leonard Cohen would say) and “that’s the way the light gets in”!
    Here in Quebec this weekend we had a darlking looking kid over Sunday evening prayers shoot down 30 or more people killing six. We know only that he was dressing up as The Grim Reaper last Halloween and was bullied in grade school before he got radicalized by xenophobes, brought into the extreme right circles Islamaphobes, and otherwise started to identify with gun toting madmen. I guess he woke up about thirty minutes after he went on a rampage and turned himself in, and that’s the danger with hanging out on the dark side without the balance of lists and practices that draw us up next to the shimmering sun. Next blog, give some etime to reflect on how the luminescent informs what we see in the darkest of darkness. May I suggest a poem by Irena Klepfitz to get you started or perhaps my own favourite, Rachel Korn?


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