Who is D. Morgana?

D. Morgana is short for Daelyn Morgana. Like many others out there, Daelyn is an up and coming author hoping to one day see her books published on Barnes & Noble shelves and hitting the New York Times Bestseller list.

Her road to that dream first started to become true when she achieved her debut publication with Victory Tales Press in October of 2016. Her short story, Embermyst, was published in their Halloween anthology, Paranormal Pleasures. Luck would not be on her side unfortunately for not even a year later the independent publishing company closed up shop and went out of business, taking her debut story out of print. With all rights returned to her at the company’s closing, Daelyn is still currently working a rewritten, expanded version of Embermyst into a full length novel which will one day be resubmitted elsewhere for publication.

In the midst of going out of print with one story, Daelyn scored another short story acceptance in an anthology amongst the digital world of Wattpad. In November of 2017, The CRYPTIC — a group of writers who “prowl the shadows to promote dark fiction across all genres” among Wattpad — released their first Halloween anthology made up of twenty-one different dark humor tales from authors across Wattpad. The Laughing Crow featured a new release short story of Daelyn’s, Crowing Hennie.

Daelyn typically writes dark fantasy and paranormal tales best suited for mature readers. However, she has been known to branch out into horror, steampunk, light sci-fi, and other sub genres of fantasy and paranormal. Her writing passions forever remain in the dark shadows though, where her heart resides in the solitude of night. As an avid reader from a young age, Daelyn has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her hobbies on the side of writing and a full time job include archery, camping, horseback riding, and crafting. She is also a Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo addict since her first plunge into the madness in July 2014.

Currently Daelyn has a multitude of works in progress (including Embermyst, her Dark Heir series, and many other tales) which she continues to tirelessly type away at in the midst of the chaos that is life whenever she has a spare moment. You can follow Daelyn’s building writing career and life here on her blog, on Wattpad, or through her Facebook author page.

“I write to be a part of something larger — a world made up of words and ideas, which are sometimes painfully criticized or gratefully loved, but can never be destroyed.”

2 thoughts on “Who is D. Morgana?

  1. Two things. I’m going to check out Wattled (I loved Linked In Poetry Editors and Poets as a route towards winning feedback)–and your kickk off literary excusion with The Kite Runner is an exciting story to hold in the retrieval bin–forever. The “dark” in that context puts you in line for a Pulitzer, not just a publisher.
    Second thing is the series of writing books beginning (I think) with Writing Down to the Bone and including at least three others I read and used in my years of teaching. If I go look for her name, I’m going to lose this reply, but Google her. What I gained most from her is the practice of writing a page of WHAT I WANT MOST ideas and a page of WHAT I NEVER WANT. I my mind, that sort of exercise pushes us into a comfort zone till we warm up, then lurches us out to where we’d prefer most of the time not to venture. I doubt that your fascination with the dark side prospers without abundant life lived on the sunny side of the street, but DON”T DISCOUNT the way there’s a crack in everything (as Leonard Cohen would say) and “that’s the way the light gets in”!
    Here in Quebec this weekend we had a darlking looking kid over Sunday evening prayers shoot down 30 or more people killing six. We know only that he was dressing up as The Grim Reaper last Halloween and was bullied in grade school before he got radicalized by xenophobes, brought into the extreme right circles Islamaphobes, and otherwise started to identify with gun toting madmen. I guess he woke up about thirty minutes after he went on a rampage and turned himself in, and that’s the danger with hanging out on the dark side without the balance of lists and practices that draw us up next to the shimmering sun. Next blog, give some etime to reflect on how the luminescent informs what we see in the darkest of darkness. May I suggest a poem by Irena Klepfitz to get you started or perhaps my own favourite, Rachel Korn?


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