Revenge Writing

Writers get revenge in writing.

Every day we run into people that we just want to strangle, slap some sense into, hit with a door, have a meeting with the floor — or a fist…

For us writers that simply just stew in fury inside, there’s a much more satisfying way to take that anger out then a fist and a few heated words. (Although that can help, too. Well, the words maybe, the fist tends to make more problems.)┬áThat way is by turning the nuisance and irritating person into a character that you can torture the hell out of and kill. Turn them into a nasty villain and then have the protagonist beat them and be their downfall. Make them miserable.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’re already doing that in your head before it finds its way onto paper or screen, but it still works.

So yes, writers get revenge in writing. Do remember that when you intend to piss off a writer, we are not forgiving with pen and keyboard. At least I’m not.

You could also take this to a whole new level. Don’t just base the character off who ticked you off, use their personality, their flaws, everything you hate. You can even twist their name around — especially if it’s a fantasy story — and make it even more enjoyable to watch them suffer.

The best part?

Only you know who that character is and what it really means when you dump them in a torture chamber. No one else knows, it makes it your own little personal revenge that you can revel in every time you read that scene.

And after the week and a half I’ve had, there’s a multitude of people I want to hand over to my villain right now and let her have the “mortals” screaming within minutes.

No I am not a violent author, why do you ask?