The Black Lake

The Black Lake Final NEW

Cover made by @FlaminUnicornOfDeath on Wattpad


When murder is involved, there’s no escape.

I should have never taken the shortcut home that night. I should have kept to the streets, but exhaustion and the desire for a warm bed pulled me into those woods.

And into the wrong place at the wrong time…

I’m not sure I’ll ever know if he got a good enough look at me to hunt me down, but I sure as hell know I got a good enough look at him, and…her. Those images are burned into my mind, invading my dreaming and waking life at every possible moment.

Some memories are happy, some are sad, and some are haunting.

In the end, it’s the haunting ones that stay with you forever.


The Black Lake is a horror short story bound to raise your hair, with a possible sequel to come yet.



It hovered over me like a cloak surrounding my body as I ran through the darkened forest in the dead of night. My mind kept flicking back to the scene I had just witnessed. I wanted to scream and run away as fast as I could, forgetting the horrors I had just seen. But my feet couldn’t seem to carry me fast enough away from it all. The piercing gaze of the creepy man bore an imprint on the back of eyelids even though he had looked at me for no more than a split second before I was running in fear. I still couldn’t run fast enough, couldn’t get far enough away from what I’d seen to erase it from my mind or my eyes. I was desperate to leave it behind in my wake, but no matter how fast I ran or how far I ran nothing could burn the image from my mind’s eye, not even acid would do that now.

I just had to forget it all and focus on putting one foot in front of the other and run as fast as I could.

Before the man came for me next…


What are reviewers saying?

“Holy smokes how alluring and yet horrifically gorgeous your description is, honestly it is just to die for. There is such a close and dramatic atmosphere in your writing and it really shows just how mature you are as a writer. Visually stunning, really! I am just gob smacked.” –BekahEva, Wattpad user

“This is such a haunting piece of writing that was gory but so beautiful too. I am honestly so jealous of your writing style and only wish I could write like you!” –BekahEva, Wattpad user

“This was such a great piece of writing! You made me feel the panic and fear that was spilling through your MC, and the descriptions were simply gorgeous. I agree with the comment below though – I want more!” –madelinestanford, Wattpad user

Available as a free read on Wattpad!

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