The Beast

The Beast Cover Final

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.

Delanie is used to monsters. She deals with them every day as a bartender as they hit on girls and try to spike their drinks. However, there was a different type of monster she saw lurking the streets that she wasn’t used to dealing with. No amount of nerve and guts could prepare her to deal with this supernatural  beast. A beast that enjoys toying with her on her way home every night, hunting her.

After every shift, Delanie returns home jumpy and shaken from the repeated attacks as she tries to outrun the creature in the dark. The worst part? No one will believe her stories, not even her  superstitious roommate, Misty, who is one more crazy story away from shipping a normally level-headed Delanie off to the loony bin.

There’s just one tiny problem. The beast isn’t going to stop playing with Delanie, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets bored and amps up the game.

When a surprise nighttime visit goes horribly wrong, Delanie will have to choose between running in fear once more, or standing up to the hulking beast once and for all.

Only one thing is for certain now… The tables have to turn.

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The Beast is a paranormal mystery/thriller short story full of monsters.


Blurs of motion and flashes of figures danced across my vision. One minute I saw the beast that was hunting me, the next he was gone in a swirl of darkness only to reappear directly behind me a second later, panting his foul breath down my neck.

My nerves were on fire, panic lacing through my veins at breakneck speeds. My body was covered in cold sweat as my chest heaved in each new painful breath. My eyes darted back and forth in the shadows, latching onto every small movement, fearing that it was the beast. Fear was a literal thing for me in that moment. Each second that ticked by felt like it would be my last, that at any moment the beast would catch me up in its claws and kill me unmercifully.

I’d never seen the beast in full view, and I was sure I didn’t want to. The snatches of him I had seen as he danced around my vision limits, tormenting my mind with his games of keeping me on the brink of breaking, were enough to instill fear into the bravest of souls.

He was hideous.

A huge, hulking mass of black. I wasn’t sure if it was fur or some sort of a sticky, black tar hide that covered his body, but I wasn’t keen to finding out. Claws and razor sharp teeth too big for any animal alive would glint in the moonlight as he would fade once more into the night.

And his breath… It was like rotting flesh. Hot and pungent when he would stand just behind me, the tip of his teeth lightly grazing the back of my neck as he tormented me again, and again, and again.

But it was his eyes that had first chilled me to my core and frozen my blood.

They were a golden yellow, bright and intensified in the darkness of night. Black slits like a cat formed the pupil of his eye. They were unforgiving and glinted maliciously. One look at them would tell you all you needed to know about the creature they belonged to.

You didn’t want to run into this monster at night. Or at all for that matter.

embellishment 6

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