Shards of Imagination

Shards of Imagination Cover Final

Cover made by @_teenagers on Wattpad

Flash! Magic in the night!

Flash! Deserted time!

Flash! A fairy’s purpose!

Flash! Hallucinations are reality!

Flash! The Gates of Hell open!

An ever-growing collection of short flash fiction pieces from all sorts of genres and topics with no rhyme or reason other than explosions of inspiration creating shards of imagination.


Shards of Imagination is collection of short, flash fiction pieces in a collaborative short story book, with genres ranging from paranormal to steampunk, romance to horror, and fantasy to mystery. Whatever your taste be, I’m sure there’s something good for you, and be sure to stop by often for you never know when a new flash of inspiration will appear in this ever-growing collection.


We’ve stalked each other for hours. A game of cat and mouse. Ring around the rosy.

I was sure we were simply going in circles, following each other’s never ending trail, never gaining any ground on the other. The same trees, same brushes, same boulders, same blade of grass we continued to pass.

It was endless. Or was it?

The day would soon wane to night, the animals changing tune and switching shifts. Darkness would creep over the land, snuffing the light out. It would be the end of the day, but not the end of our hunting.

Pick a sheltered tree, an abandoned cove, a cover of brush and bed down once more till the crack of dawn and chorus of birds had us once more going in circles.

Would it ever end? If one of us was simply to turn around and back track, would the other as well? Or would we finally run face to face with weapons clashing?

I’m sure we’ve stalked each other for hours in this endless blood feud, days on end even. Will it ever come to pass by blade through heart? Or must we wander in circles round and round till one falls to nature before sword?

Endless Hunt, BONUS Shard


What are reviewers saying?

“Wow this really transported me into her world! Brilliant!  :)” –pizzaloverdude, Wattpad user

“All of these short stories need to be books. I love all of these characters. ALL OF THEM.” –ChaosC, Wattpad user

“This was very fun to read. You’re very good with weaving your words.” –quietbynature27, Wattpad user

Available as a free read on Wattpad!

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