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Welcome to my free reads listing page.

At the start of getting serious about writing as a career path and dream I could reach, I knew growing her exposure and platform was a good place to start for feedback, creating a following, and getting my name out there. To do so she found the website called Wattpad.


Wattpad is a free online site for readers and writers alike. It now features a premium option to go free of advertisement and other goodies, but can also be used for free. Through it you can post poems, short stories, novels, screenplays, and even multimedia designs like cover art, banners, and book trailers. Thousands of people can read your stories, vote on them if they really like them, and leave you comments. The site houses both accomplished writers and those looking to make a name for themselves. It is also a perfect site for the act of roleplaying characters for plot testing and so forth.

Now despite some of the issues I have had with Wattpad’s security and favoritism, as well as their general dismissive nature for the writing process as a whole, it was the first site I joined and gained friends and followers through. Therefore I will continue to use it as a promotional platform and a way to keep in touch with readers and followers. On this site are some free reads of mine; short stories that have no intention of going further in publication (probably). Stories just for the fun of playing with an idea. Some are rough around the edges from the beginning of my writing journey, others are more polished.

Within these tabs you will find every short tale I have out as a free read. These tabs will include a book cover, blurb, an intriguing excerpt, and links to follow in which you can read the full tale.

Got an inkling of curiosity for any of those tales? Click the title for more information, or return to hover over the “Short Stories” tab to browse through the titles of my free reads. Read one you like? Don’t forget to leave a comment on Wattpad or the story’s tab here to let me know what you think. Happy reading!

**All rights reserved. All free-to-read stories therein are the property of me, Daelyn Morgana, and therefore may not be reproduced in any format whatsoever without the express written consent of myself, Daelyn, except for the use of brief quotations with due credit. They reside on Wattpad for the pleasure of getting a taste of my writing style only.**

embellishment 5AFree Reads

Rivers of Black (Paranormal Realism)

RoB cover 1 by person

Shapeshifter Wings (Fantasy)

Shapeshifter Wings Cover Final NEW

Shards of Imagination (Flash Fiction Collection)

Shards of Imagination Cover Final

Redemption: A Kite Runner Epilogue (Fanfiction)

Redemption-A Kite Runner Epilogue Cover Final

The Black Lake (Horror/Thriller)

The Black Lake Final NEW

The Beast (Paranormal Mystery/Thriller)

The Beast Cover Final

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