I’m on Wattpad!

How many of you have heard of a site called Wattpad?

A few of you? None?

Okay then…

Wattpad is basically a free online site for readers and writers alike. You can post/publish your stories, poems, novels, etc. on the site for free. Thousands of people can then read them, leave you comments, vote on what you write. It’s a great starting place for getting your name out in the world. There are actual published authors on the site that use it as a free promotion gig. Then there’s the lesser authors that are trying to make it big and get their name out there (like me mostly). And then of course there’s just the writers who do it because they love to and they just want people to be able to read what they write (also me).

As I ventured out into the world of writing more, I found the site and joined it. Now, I’m not popular on Wattpad. I don’t have thousands of followers. I don’t have comments and reads coming in like shoppers on Black Friday. But I do get some good support and make some good friends through the site. I also get some great feedback at times. You can even find multimedia designers to help you make that book cover for your new novel. (Believe me, some of them are absolutely amazing!)

Now, my works on Wattpad are a wide variety consisting of:

  • Short stories
  • Contest entries
  • Paranormal/Horror works
  • A romance
  • Fantasy (of course!)
  • A fan fiction (book, not real person…)

Let’s just say I try my hand at just about every genre. Granted, not all of it is the best then.


I hope you would consider coming to check out what I write, leave me some feedback or votes, maybe a follow as well… Of course, that’s totally up to you, but I would appreciate it all the same! So just click here and it will take you to my profile on Wattpad, and from there I think it’s self explanatory. However — one major downside to Wattpad — unless you have an account, you can’t leave comments or votes on stories. (I know, it’s bullshit.) But then, maybe you might like to make an account, see what some of the other authors out there have to offer.


Well, whether you do or not, I hope you’ll consider checking out my works. In advance to any that do, thank you so very much for the support! It means the world to me and I appreciate it greatly. :)


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