Breaking the Fourth Wall: An Interview Hosted by K.S. Trenten and Quartz

*Knock knock knock*

Does this thing still work at all?

*Blows dust off keyboard and pages, tentatively pokes around all of Darkling Dreams’ nooks and crannies until it thrums to life*

Aha! There we go! What do you know? It still works! *Sneezes, fans away lingering dust* It’s sure been awhile though, hasn’t it? *Looks back at date of last post, cringes* April 22nd to be exact it seems. Time and life has really gotten away from me I’m afraid, and not all of it for the best sadly.

But I’m here now so I might as well make the most of it while I’m here! For however long that may be this time…

hello there

So hello dear darklings! How have you all been? Still kicking I hope. It has been a roller coaster of a few months for me but I’m not here to make excuses for myself anymore, or for my lack of consistency here. Shit happens. Hopefully I will find some semblance of balance and routine in my life but now is not that time so for now I will make the most of what I can here on this blog through my journey. One day I may be here for a bit and the next I will have fallen down the rabbit hole again for weeks, months perhaps. But on this day I am here so let’s get to the point of me being here!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside an author’s head? Listening to their characters babble on all day, bickering with them over plot issues and plot points, giving each other the silent treatment, wanting to throttle them for making your storyline difficult (or is that one just me?), and also loving them because they are yours and they belong only to you.

To you readers this may sound like I’ve gone off the deep end into the loony bin, but I assure you this is a normal day for us socially acceptable insane breed of people — I mean, us writers and authors.

So would you like to see a little further into the characters we breathe life into?

Well, now you have a chance at seeing one of mine break down the fourth wall with me, a fellow author, and one of her own characters as well! Myself and Matt — okay, mostly Matt because this is his show, not mine — are featured right now over on the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration! It’s run by the lovely K.S. Trenten and her segment of monthly interviews called Secondary Characters Speak Out, hosted by none other than her dwarven sidekick Quartz.

(Is Quartz going to despise the fact I called him your sidekick, K.S.?)

For those of you that have followed along with my blog you might recognize the name Matt. It’s been a long time so even I don’t honestly remember if he ever made an appearance in my Snippet Sunday posts for Fated to Darkness, but that is the story he belongs to. And for the first time ever he’s getting a chance to speak out about his character and the series he belongs to, The Dark Heir. If you’re curious hop on over to the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration and join the conversation with myself, Matt, K.S., and Quartz. It’s bound to give you some hints to The Dark Heir series. *Wink, wink*

A big shout out thank you to K.S. and Quartz for having us! It was loads of fun and I hope to return with another secondary character some day.

To sign off for the night I want to leave with a question. Talking and arguing with the characters in my head is something I do on a daily basis as an author — as weird as that may seem to you non-authors out there — and with fellow authors I’m comfortable with my characters tend to speak out on their own in my real conversations as well. As I write now there’s at least one of them nagging to put their two cents into this post. With posts in the future these characters might start making their voices heard through this platform and my other social media. Talking with myself, like Jeff Dunham and his crew of misfits, only it’s not with just myself in some form. As an author if I began letting their voices mingle in with my own, or if say they even decided upon their own segment of posts for news updating or something, would that be a turn off for you readers? Or would it be something you guys would enjoy seeing and would make you want to keep coming back? It is an issue I’m sure numerous authors out there want to express because to us the characters are more than just characters, but not all of the rest of the world sees them as we do. Readers and writers, I want to know what you think.