Writer of the Month: Featured by Wattpad

this is halloween

Welcome to October, Darklings!

It’s my favorite time of the year: Halloween. And no, Halloween is not just a day, it is a season.

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything, almost a month and a half truly. Part of that has been due to the fact I feel I have nothing to talk about, and part of that is due to the fact the day job and life has become more time consuming now that I’m working full time. If I thought I had no free time before, I certainly don’t now. I’m trying to make it work with life (trying), but that’s a topic for another day since NaNoWriMo is right around the corner.

I meant to post an update at the beginning of the month, never got around to it, and then spent several days even debating with myself back and forth if it was even worth writing this post, then another few days trying to remember how to even write a blog post.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post, it’s more like I’m staring at the blank screen with no clue on how to start the post. One of those “Wut r werds?” moments. You know the writer meme, right?

wut r werds

Well anyways, I debated on even bothering with this post because…truthfully, what was the point? If the supposed reason for this post wasn’t bringing me any new views on the site I was featured on, what the hell makes me think it’s going to bring any new views from here?

I know the answer to that is more than likely none, but like a fool I’m going to post it here anyways and torture myself a bit more when I get zeros results. I’m a glutton for punishment.

So here’s the story…

Months ago. Many months ago. Before I began to be wary of some things on Wattpad, I had put an application in to one of their ambassador run profiles, Undiscovered Books, for a chance at being their featured Writer of the Month. I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least put the application in and maybe, just maybe, get a shot at drawing some more attention and readers my way.

I got no response they received the application or viewed it. Other Wattpadders were featured in the passing months. I figured I had just been passed over, like always, and gave up on that hope. Then suddenly two and a half weeks ago on September 26th — while I was at work mind you — I got an unexpected message from their profile telling me they reviewed my application (after I don’t know how long) and would like me to be October’s Writer of the Month.

Now wait. I have said before that I have given up with Wattpad, and that is mostly true. By this point I was debating taking down my stories more than usual, and the only thing I really used Wattpad for anymore was to private message roleplay with some of the friends I had made. It is also a nice place to get prompts sometimes though. So yes, I reached the point that I didn’t much care about Wattpad anymore as a writing front. But, well…

Let’s just say when I saw that message at work I may or may not have squealed in the stock room rather loudly. Who wouldn’t? It’s hard as hell to get noticed on this site. It’s a popularity contest in almost all ways, even if you aren’t really that good in writing, with favorites in fan fiction work instead of anything unique and original. So many users frequent the site that for everyone to have their works read and liked is virtually impossible. I would know, I’ve been trying for four years to gain some kind of following on that site with no success.

So to be accepted to be featured on one of their ambassador profiles is a pretty big deal. Or at least I thought it was.

I will admit I took a couple moments of debate with myself if I should even accept the offer to be Writer of the Month after everything, but the tiny part of hope in me couldn’t turn down the opportunity. So I accepted. I sent them my answers for the interview questions, revamped my Wattpad profile a little, even updated story covers and blurbs and a bit of the stories themselves. All the while thinking that for the first time this might actually bring me some new notice. Some new reads or follows or comments or likes. I wanted to look like I take writing seriously, because I do now.

October 1st came and they posted the interview with me, sent a shout out message to their followers to check me out, and what happened?

*Cricket noises*

Okay, so I did have one reader comment on the interview almost right off the bat, and I had two good friends jump straight in to read it, but other than that…

It’s been ten days and all that suppressed hope of results has essentially shattered already.

Not one story has jumped in reads. Not one new follow. Not one new hit to my page. No other comments or votes to the interview. The reads on the interview haven’t even surpassed fifty. Basically nothing resulted from this and that…hurts.

I tried not to hope for anything for this exact reason, but I couldn’t squash all that hope. I know better than expecting much. I would have been happy with just a few people interested in me or my work from the interview. But…nothing? Disappointment is a familiar friend to me.

So if it’s not bringing me any new views on Wattpad, what’s the point of posting about being featured here?

Truthfully, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a buried desire to hope someone here might like to see the interview. Or maybe I’m just grabbing at thin air now. Whatever it be, to those who would like to see the interview of me talking a little bit about myself, my writing, some advice to new writers, and some fun questions, you can find it by clicking here.

I hope you’ll check it out, and a big thank you if you do. Please do be interactive to it either here or on Wattpad, I love communicating with my followers.

(As a side note I should have another post coming out next week. I would like to start posting at least once a week since I can’t keep up with specific days anymore, and no longer do Snippet Sundays or my Shard posts. The OCD in me still wants a specific day for uniformity though, somehow…)