Changes Coming

It has been a month since I have posted anything. I am neither apologizing for that or explaining why I have been absent this time. This year has been a trying roller coaster in many forms, most of which have been downhill drops. Not the fun kind of downhill drop either.

A lot changed for me toward the end of last year. I became a published author and began to follow that dream further. It’s amazing how quickly the high of an accomplishment such as that can die, and it’s also amazing just how quickly it can all go up in smoke. A lot changed last year, but this year even more has changed again, and still must change.

For that reason I am switching things up on this blog now, and I plan to finally redo a lot of the pages as I had wanted to in the beginning of 2017.

Originally, I had created this blog two years ago as an author platform to help get my name out there, to be able to log my journey and look back one day to see how far I’ve come. As I’ve gone along though I’ve realized it’s hardly been what I had hoped it would be, just like Wattpad.

Every author out there envisions this sudden huge following and fan group flocking to their work whenever they join something new like a website/blog, or a writing site, or a Facebook page, but very seldom does that actually seem to happen.

Maybe some people just get lucky, while others continually struggle to build that following — though not for lack of trying. To the people who grow and grow beyond imagination day after day and year after year, gaining a fan base of readers who actually interact with them, kudos to you. I wish I knew your damn secret.

I, however, have not been one of those lucky ones. I have never been a lucky one for anything in life, no matter how hard I work.

Since my lack of luck has hardly gotten me anywhere in two years of WordPress, and four years of Wattpad, I am changing the way I do posts here.

This blog will no longer be a straight diary-like journey of my writing and dream. I will not stop sharing my journey so that I can one day look back on it, but posts will be less about me, and maybe more about writing. As of now the idea in my head is to make one of my posts (either Tuesday or Friday) about what’s going on, and the other something more…informative or helpful. My hope is it will draw in some more readers, and maybe more interaction, but it doesn’t mean there will always be a post. Sometimes I may just not have anything to say anymore.

For now I am also forgoing Sunday Snippets. With the completion of the first draft of Fated to Darkness, as well as not much else in the works, or shareable in my eyes, at the moment, I have decided I am stepping away from it. It wasn’t like I was getting very much support from the group anyways, despite the fact I was a supporter of everyone’s snippet at one point, regardless of the fact they visited my blog or not. Maybe that’s selfish or bitter of me, but I’m tired of not feeling good enough and forgotten. No one’s even noticed I’m gone. Perhaps I will go back to it one day when I feel I have something again to share, or if I feel like trying again to see if anyone cares, but for now I am done with Sunday Snippets.

Lastly in regards to my posts, I am undecided if I will continue my Shards on Wednesday’s from P.T. Wyant’s Wednesday Word prompts. A part of me wants to because flash fiction is a good writing excercise and some of them are really fun. The other part of me though is a bit worn out worrying about getting one written and posted when I never know what that day is going to bring thanks to my job. Not to mention, again, they hardly ever garner any kind of feedback or interest, even on Wattpad. Perhaps they will pop up here and there, or maybe I’ll write some whenever I have time and those posts may be sporadic little treats instead — probably not considering I’m a tad OCD, but I am undecided if I will truly continue them or not.

For these reasons, I will be changing how I use Wattpad too, and my author page on Facebook. I have no idea where I am really headed now concerning my dream, this blog, or anything else, but I do hope those of you who follow me will stick around to find out with me.


8 thoughts on “Changes Coming

  1. It seems you are headed in a positive direction. This is my first interaction with your blog, but I like your speaking style. I relate in a few ways, I’ve left groups that were ungrateful for my input, and did not seem to be missed. I was right about that, and happy to be rid of such valueless interactions.

    But still, if you don’t put in eight hours of work in a day, you can’t expect eight hour a day results. It’s also not as easy as posting everyday and hoping for the best, unless you’re posting somewhere with a lot of attention like Instagram.

    Gary Vaynerchuck is the person I’ve learned the most from. I’m only a month live on WordPress, think I’m at 17 or so followers, but I’m happy to have them!

    I wish you skill and perseverance, as armed with these luck is meaningless.

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    • First of all, thank you so, so much for commenting and interacting. I am thrilled for it. :) I’m glad you like the speaking style too, I don’t hear that often.

      I’m sorry you can relate in some ways, it truly does suck to know that kind of feeling. I do understand what you mean by eight hours of work input though. The other side to that is if writing is not your full time job that pays the bills, it’s even harder to accomplish things or continually put that work in. It’s essentially a full time job on top of a full time job, and that is beyond exhausting.

      Does this Gary have a blog or website by chance? I would love to check it out if he does?

      And best wishes on your blogging journey as well. Every little follower counts.

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      • Gary has a blog,, but he’s really more of a vlogger on youtube. He’s not a writer, he’s a marketer, and I figure if you’re aiming to go full time, that’s the kind of person you’d want to get advice from. (In addition to learning about and developing your craft of course.) I find his content online to be a bit general, but I picked up his first book as an audiobook, and was very happy to find exact, step by step ways to grow a blog. Now, I feel like I’m starting to sound like an advertisement, so I’ll just break it down instead of alluding vaguely to things.

        “Crush It: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion‎” helped me realize that at the beginning, just blogging once a day isn’t really enough. I’m sure we’ve both come to that conclusion. What you really should be doing is going out and bringing people to you. Right now I’m experimenting with Instagram since it’s so massive, screencapping excerpts directly from my blog and posting it there with a bunch of hashtags. I get around 5-8 likes and maybe one person following the link back to my blog. That’s better than zero in my eyes. You can also comment on other blogs, google like crazy, find forums, get your name out there. Drop a link in your signature, or let your username do the work and eventually people will come find you for more, as long as you bring value, contribute to discussion and aren’t spammy. You can even distribute the exact same content in other places, and link back to your home site, facebook and Instagram have confusingly high word limits.

        Honestly it’s coming really slow for me. I started and then failed a blog back at the tail end of 2016. Even now, I’m not exploring forums and social media (other than Instagram) as much as I should. But one thing I promised myself is that I would do everything I could to post at least once a day, even on the hardest days. I’ve only missed two days so far. I spend 2-3 hours blogging a night after eight hours working an industrial job (the kind of job where you have to wear a dust mask to keep silica out of your lungs). I’m slowly trying to increase that number. But the old slogan was, eight hours work, eight hours sleep, eight hours play! It doesn’t really work out that way, but I think I’ll be happy if I write 4-6 hours a night.

        So, to conclude what has nearly become an essay, I think experimenting and getting your name out in more places than a blog is key early on. You can pour more time in once you have readers coming to you and spreading word of mouth. “Crush It” is a step by step guide that helped me immensely, got the audiobook and listened to it four or five times at work. I think that if you’re good enough, luck isn’t a factor. (If you’re not good enough, learn and improve!) I think it’s less a what-if, and more of a when. It takes years to build a business, even if it’s only a business of one. Even if it takes me a decade or two to actually live off of self made income, I’m willing to work hard for those years since it’s something I genuinely enjoy.

        Daniel Triumph.

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        • Well thank you for the insight. I’m not sure marketing is what I need right now since I’m not looking to make a living from my blog, but hopefully one day from my writing. It is certainly something to keep in the back of my head for now though. The tips on getting out there may certainly be helpful to me now though.

          You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders and an excellent work ethic to reach your dreams, and I wish you much success in getting there this time. I wish I had the follow through and energy to be able to do that much work on top of a full time job to reach mine.

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  2. it’s good to see you want to try taking a new course with your writing, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share. I’ll miss Sunday snippets, but I can understand why they’re going for now. I DO hope that you keep the flash fiction word prompts though, they’re always so fun to read! Write on, Morgana, I look forward to reading what you’ve got.

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    • I’m not sure the Shards are worth the little bit of interest compared to the (sometimes) stress I put in to worrying about getting it done with work. I’m sorry the snippets are gone for awhile now.


      • I understand. You gotta do what you can to get a blog post out. I still look forward to seeing where this new blogging path takes you :)


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