A Good Right Hook (Snippet Sunday 4.16.17)

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The madness that is the first Camp NaNoWriMo of 2017 has begun! Who else has plunged into the madness with me? I’m spending the month FINISHING Fated to Darkness and then using the remaining words of the month to work on Clockwork Heart. The tentative plan I would like to do is finish and publish Clockwork Heart this year. Since I’m hitting a point in FtD that I don’t really want to share from it anymore, I’m going to jump back to sharing from Clockwork Heart this month. Part of my motivation to finish the short story/novella/whatever it ends up being. This story is a steampunk, fantasy, modern-cross kind of genre. It’s still a WiP and I only have the first chapter completed – so far – so please excuse an errors and suggestions are welcome.

This week’s excerpt picks up right where I left off in last week’s snippet. Lavinia had asked him if he was close to his mother, and this is his reply.

And now for the fifth peek at Chapter 1…


“Very,” he answered softly. “After my father died she was all I had left, save for my grandmother. She cared for me and raised me best she could despite her job. Did you know I had no idea what a Traveler was, let alone that she was one, until only a couple years ago?”

His gaze flickered to her and Lavinia shook her head slowly. “I did not.”

“I didn’t know. Then one night, while my grandmother was watching me because my mother was away on one of her business trips, she came home in the middle of night unexpectedly. The commotion downstairs woke me up and I wandered down to see what was going on. My mother had gotten into a tight spot on her trip, a run in with some pirates, and she had come back hurt.” His eyes became distant, staring at the flower with a mistiness clouding them. “I panicked to see the blood staining her side, ran out demanding to know what had happened to her. My grandmother and her had shared one loaded look before they finally sat me down and told me everything while my grandmother patched her up.”

“Did she tell you what the run in was over?”

Eric shook his head. “She refused to tell me that.” A chuckle spilt from his lips. “Probably because I was swearing up and down I would give the scallywag a good right hook to the jaw to teach him a lesson for hurting my mother. I was fifteen at the time. That was… Geez, that was almost four years ago now.”


Every time I picture that scene of Eric fuming over a pirate in my head I can’t help but chuckle.

Due to the fact this is a new WiP, I do not have a cover or blurb yet, neither is it posted to Wattpad at this time. So there will be no “if you wish to read more…”

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