Not A Mechinel’s Way (Snippet Sunday 4.9.17)

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The madness that is the first Camp NaNoWriMo of 2017 has begun! Who else has plunged into the madness with me? I’m spending the month FINISHING Fated to Darkness and then using the remaining words of the month to work on Clockwork Heart. The tentative plan I would like to do is finish and publish Clockwork Heart this year. Since I’m hitting a point in FtD that I don’t really want to share from it anymore, I’m going to jump back to sharing from Clockwork Heart this month. Part of my motivation to finish the short story/novella/whatever it ends up being. This story is a steampunk, fantasy, modern-cross kind of genre. It’s still a WiP and I only have the first chapter completed – so far – so please excuse an errors and suggestions are welcome.

This week’s excerpt picks up right where I left off in last week’s snippet. For the purpose of reminding what they were talking about, this was Lavinia’s last line:Then maybe you are not lost enough to find the charm.”

And now for the fourth peek at Chapter 1…


His gaze turned up to search her face. This time she could not determine what classified emotion was flitting across his expression. Whatever it be, it was intense.

“Perhaps you’re right…”

Lavinia’s eyes whirred silently within their sockets as she studied him, wishing she could determine what he was thinking, or feeling. Such foreign concepts were beyond her capacity to understand though. That was not the way of a mechinel. Silence hung between them in which she could detect the faint rhythmic clicking of her heart tinkering away in her chest.

“Eric?” She finally broke the silence, computers spinning with questions.

“Hmm?” he mumbled as he fell back to lay in the grass once more.

“Were you…close to your mother?”

The question must have caught him off guard for his body stilled. A brief moment passed in which he remained silent and plucked another flower from the grass, inspecting it carefully. What he was looking for within its petals was beyond her. It was just a flower.


Anyone care to guess what his answer is going to be to that question?

Due to the fact this is a new WiP, I do not have a cover or blurb yet, neither is it posted to Wattpad at this time. So there will be no “if you wish to read more…”

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