Not Lost Enough (Snippet Sunday 4.2.17)

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Happy April, folks! The madness that is the first Camp NaNoWriMo of 2017 has begun! Who else has plunged into the madness with me? I’m spending the month FINISHING Fated to Darkness and then using the remaining words of the month to work on Clockwork Heart. The tentative plan I would like to do is finish and publish Clockwork Heart this year. Since I’m hitting a point in FtD that I don’t really want to share from it anymore, I’m going to jump back to sharing from Clockwork Heart this month. Part of my motivation to finish the short story/novella/whatever it ends up being. This story is a steampunk, fantasy, modern-cross kind of genre. It’s still a WiP and I only have the first chapter completed – so far – so please excuse an errors and suggestions are welcome.

If anyone remembers the first two snippets I shared back in February for this story, I’m going to pick up right where I left off on the last snippet of it. For the purpose of refreshing minds Lavinia is a clockwork being and she was talking to Eric, who is human, about traveling his world. They’re about to change subjects though.

And now for the third peek at Chapter 1…


Lavinia wasn’t quite sure how to respond, simply watching him. He had begun to play with the tiny watch locket he wore on a gold chain under his shirt.

“Why do you wear that?” she found herself asking.

Eric looked back to her, catching her gaze and fishing the locket out from under his shirt. He looked at it a moment, holding it tenderly. “My mother gave it to me, before she disappeared. It used to be hers. She said it would be my compass when I am most lost, but…” He trailed off and opened it, revealing an empty interior. “I don’t think it can be my compass when the charm that used to reside inside was missing when she gave it to me.”

“Perhaps you are meant to find the charm then for your compass.”

“I’ve tried.” He sighed, letting it fall back against his shirt as he closed the locket with a faint click. “I’ve looked everywhere in my mother’s things, my home, and anywhere she might have hidden her special belongings as a Traveler. It’s nowhere.”

“Then maybe you are not lost enough to find the charm.”


For a clockwork being, she has some wisdom to her. I wonder if he isn’t lost enough yet.

Due to the fact this is a new WiP, I do not have a cover or blurb yet, neither is it posted to Wattpad at this time. So there will be no “if you wish to read more…”

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