Decisions, Realizations, and Dedications

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

saint patrick's day

On Tuesday I posted a warning to Wattpad users about the site not being as safe and secure as they claim to be. Since then it’s been on my mind a lot, and not just because Wattpad refuses to do anything about my situation.

Wattpad was my greatest place for trying to get feedback and notice on my work, more so even then this blog or Facebook. It’s also the place I’ve meet three awesome writing friends I never would have known if I had never joined, one of which began a best friend. The place that helped me develop so much more of Heather’s story that I may never have come up with on my own. And despite this problem, I don’t want to lose what advantages Wattpad does have.

Because of that, I’m reluctant to leave Wattpad.

Granted, I’m a bit more hesitant about some things, but I don’t want to delete and leave. I’ve watched writers grow from nothing on this site, and build such a large fan base that it helped carry them through to publication. You can’t always say that about other writing sites, or about a blog alone.

So while I’m a bit wary of Wattpad now, I can’t bring myself to take down my works and shut down my account. I am going to add copyright claims EVERYWHERE in my stuff now. I’m also going to keep a very close eye on things, but there’s no way in hell I’m backing down from spreading the warning or continuing to prod at Wattpad for it.

In fact, since they’re so set on shutting me down if I send another report, I’m going to take a different route and start sending letters or emails straight to Wattpad HQ demanding something be done and that they start rethinking their policy and conduct guidelines. I don’t think they realize just how big an issue this could be, or I’m betting they don’t give a shit simply because the account I had this happen to was a strictly roleplay account. And Wattpad once before tried to shut down roleplaying from their threads, leaving many to turn to making accounts to continue their passion.

In all honesty, I think that’s the exact reason why Wattpad won’t do anything about this. Because they don’t give a damn it’s a roleplay account and to them not important if someone tries to steal it or duplicate it. It’s not real writing, right?

Wrong. Fucking wrong in so many ways.

It still sets the example someone could do it to an author’s account that holds their stories. I don’t think that’s the message they want to be sending out, or maybe it is apparently. Either way I’m not letting this go yet.

But I’ll stop ranting about that now before I ramble on forever and return to writing news.

Two nights ago I hardly slept because my brain was abuzz with thoughts of writing and, oddly enough, past teachers. I’m not quite sure how my brain went from writing, to video games, to past teachers, and then back to writing, but it did. During the trip down a rabbit hole, I was suddenly struck with a thought that now has me itching to finish Clockwork Heart.

Somehow, in thinking of past teachers and writing, I suddenly realized who I want to dedicate Clockwork Heart too.

Four past teachers I had in grade school from 7th grade and up that impacted not just my writing, but my whole life. The ones that went above and beyond the classroom. The ones I haven’t forgotten. I want to thank them.

When I graduated high school, I had actually sent an email to one of those teachers to thank them for their faith and belief in me, for what they did for me. The email I got back made me smile and know it was worth taking the time to send it. Teachers are so under appreciated for all they do, and even the smallest act of gratitude letting them know they are making a real difference could mean the world to them. Especially in this day and age. Almost just like how one single comment from a stranger can mean so much to a writer.

Actually, I think it’s exactly the same concept.

Since that realization of mine, I’ve been itching to jump back into Clockwork Heart so I can finish it and send it off to a publisher for a chance. And if it gets accepted to be published, I know one of the first things I’m going to do is send out a signed thank you copy of it to each teacher I dedicated it to. I’ve even been meaning to send an email to them again, because I never did thank the other three that impacted me.

So while I may not be getting very far on finishing Fated to Darkness at the moment, I’m thinking about writing and wanting to write. Now I just have to write those emails and finish that book before the end of March, that way I can use Camp NaNo to work on Clockwork Heart.

I guess I better use my four days off next week, and this weekend off to get working through Fated to Darkness again. There’s only two weeks left till Camp starts.

7 thoughts on “Decisions, Realizations, and Dedications

  1. Like you said, your account isn’t important to them, so they won’t do anything to help you. Bring in readers for your stories and make them money, then they’ll suck up to you. If not, it’s SOL.


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