I Belong Here (Snippet Sunday 2.5.17)

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January has come and gone and we’re onto February now. I’m quite upset the groundhog decided we needed six more weeks of winter, I’m ready for Spring. My writing goals and endeavors have royally been screwed up this year so far, but for this month I am going to be sharing from something I just started. I’m no longer sure what it’s going to turn into exactly (short story or novella), and I’m also no longer sure when I’m going to finish it, but it’s been fun to write so far so we’ll see. This month I’ve taken a new path in my snippets while I share from Clockwork Heart, a steampunk, fantasy, modern-cross story. It’s still a WiP and I only have the first chapter completed so please excuse an errors and suggestions are welcome.

This starts off the very beginning of Clockwork Heart. My apologies it’s a bit lengthy. If you want to see the final snippet from Fated to Darkness of last week, you can find it here.



There was a faintly audible whirring noise of gears as she turned her head toward him. Baby blue eyes looked his tanned frame over, sprawled in leisure amongst the tall grass that waved like the rolling sea. At least, that was what he had told her it looked like sitting atop this hill when the wind blew. She had never seen the ocean though to understand the comparison.

“Yes, Eric?” Her light, automated voice vibrated through the air.

Tousled sandy hair rustled in the light breeze against his forehead as Eric rolled upright and propped himself sideways to look at her. “Have you ever wanted to travel the world? I mean beyond this realm. Beyond Clockwork and out into the real world, where I’m from.”

She blinked, staring into his warm chocolate eyes. “You know that is not possible for me. I belong here, and only here.”

“But have you ever thought about it? Answer me honestly, please.”

“No.” Her monotone voice sounded dull even to her own hearing mechanisms.

Eric’s lips twitched downwards. He pushed himself up to sit Indian style, scooting around to her side. At first he didn’t speak and she wondered if she had again done something wrong. She didn’t always understand their human ways. They were so different, so…complicated. These emotions they felt and their imaginations. They had hearts that beat in different rhythms instead of the constant grinding gears of a clockwork heart. They had ambitions and dreams, their natures varied so deeply. She feared she would never understand these strange creatures, even though one had befriended her.

Not to mention the way they moved and spoke. They could leak that strange red stuff like she could leak oil. She had seen water fall from their eyes and not damage any parts. They never whirred, clinked, or grinded with their movements. Octave upon octave of tone could fall from their lips as if they had many different programmed voice boxes instead of just one like her. She could only make a limited amount of facial expressions with her stretched and fitted flexible porcelain skin, but the array they could make was astounding.

They were so odd compared to her own kind. Then again, Eric must think her kind just as odd compared to his.


First opinions?

Due to the fact this is a new WiP, I do not have a cover or blurb yet, neither is it posted to Wattpad at this time. So there will be no “if you wish to read more…”

However! If you wish to read anything else that I have out for free, you can hop on over to  my profile on Wattpad and check out what I have to offer. Or if you wish to read my debut release, Embermyst, you can find out more about that in the tabs above. (I’m working on the tabs, bare with me.) I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads. You can also find me on my Facebook author page to keep up to date with all that’s going on in my writing.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,
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13 thoughts on “I Belong Here (Snippet Sunday 2.5.17)

  1. What an intriguing snippet. I like the clockwork being’s thoughts about humans and how she compares her kind to them. She’s more humanlike in that regard.

    Liked by 1 person

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