They get in the way. They always get in the way.

My last couple days have been nothing but distractions, half of them the pleasant kind and the other half the by-the-Gods-I’m-going-to-flip-the-hell-out kind.

Have you ever realized that when you tell yourself you’re going to sit down and write, and then you do sit down, you end up finding a million other things you could be doing? Then they nag and nag until you end up wandering off to one of them and totally forget about writing?

That was me pretty much all day yesterday. I knew I had to get through blog hops and try to set up PayPal again, then I’d be free to write I thought. Right? Wrong.

I got through the blog hops, and I tried PayPal for the third or fourth time in the past two weeks, and then I find out it still won’t flipping work. Eventually I got to the point in which I said “screw it” and once more emailed customer support of PayPal none too nicely. The reply message back I got today hasn’t made me any happier. I’m an introvert, I do not like talking on the phone, I do not want to have to call to sort this mess out, but I’m being told it’s the only way.

So, that soured my mood to begin with.

By that point I knew I should have started writing but instead I had the urge to work on revamping this blog, doing some more of the drafts for pages. Then I had the urge to ask my anthology coordinator from VTP if I could publish part of Embermyst to Wattpad since I hadn’t last year with everything going on at the time.

Needless to say I ended up asking that question and then went off searching the Wattpad threads for a cover artist for Embermyst. I filled out a form to someone to start the ball rolling and thought, “Great! Now I can go write!”

Did that happen?

Of flipping course not.

Instead, I found myself setting up part of the story so I can post it to Wattpad as soon as I got a cover. (And now that I’m talking about it, I find myself drawn back to finding other cover artists. *Sigh*)

After that I began thinking about revamping some of my blog again, then I thought about revamping my Wattpad profile, and then some of my Wattpad stories, and then and then… Then it hit me and suddenly I’m just like, “Wait… Am I only doing this to put off writing?”

Honestly, that seems to be part of the reason why I’m getting so off track. Wanna know how I know that? Because I no longer have a deadline on Clockwork Heart to be pushing myself to write, because I want to start working on Fated to Darkness again, but also because working on Fated to Darkness requires some reading to get back into it and remember where I’m at. Soooo….

Yeah, I seem to be putting off the reading, and I also seem to be sidling away from Clockwork Heart work. Which is dumb. It’s all dumb. I should be writing regardless.

Somehow I need to kick my ass into gear and start writing. I’ve got three days off coming up after tomorrow — thank the Gods because today has been absolute hell and tomorrow isn’t going to be any better. (Damn you mother nature for shaking the snow globe, and damn you technology at work. *Shakes fist at the world*) If I don’t get any writing done in those three days someone better dangle my ass over the pits of Hell until I start writing feverishly again. I need words on a page, and the blog page doesn’t count for this.