Freedom To Write

I’m finally freeeee!

And by free I mean the Hell Seasons of work are finally over! Hooray!

Well, the worst of the Hell Seasons are over — Black Friday/Christmas and inventory — there’s still one other Hell Season left: Easter. And from there everything just kind of starts rolling like a snowball down a giant hill until before you know it it’s freaking Black Friday again and you want to tear your hair out once more. So the next two months-ish are my only downtime in retail.

Which means lots and lots of time to write, right?


I have begun working out drafts for redoing my blog tabs and information, and I know I said I wanted (wow that’s a tongue twister, too many I’s) to have that completed by the end of January, but, well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m starting a bit late on it.

A lot of things got messed up this month already so I’m not quite sure what is happening. I’m still working on Clockwork Heart some, and I meant to pull up Fated to Darkness today but haven’t gotten to that just yet.

On Wednesday I did finish up the first Chapter of Clockwork Heart, for the most part. It may end up expanding a bit when it comes down to editing yet now that I don’t have  definite word limit, but for rough draft sakes it’s completed. I’m also trying to not leave myself a billion notes in this story as I’ve been doing in FtD so it won’t take me as horribly long and so much of a headache to edit. That is slowing me down a bit in writing, but ought to be worth it, right?

Unfortunately, I sort of wasted my two days off a little in accomplishing any writing. Yesterday was pretty much a lazy me day, because I really needed one of them. I even took a nice hot shower by candlelight with some music. (I wanted it to be a bath, but my tub is not clean enough for that right now.) I’m not regretting the laziness for a change, but I wish I would have at least done some writing yesterday.

Today I was a little more productive. Though it was mostly playing catch up on a few little things than it was doing any writing. I was going to start the writing after this blog post, which has taken me much longer than it should have. (Someone almost forgot Sleepy Hollow was on tonight, and someone also got distracted with some fun RPing events. Whoops…)

BUT! Now that the blog post is out of the way and I have nothing else to catch up on, I can head off to do some writing or draft some more on the re-working of this blog!

This is what freedom must feel like for a writer, I can’t believe I’m actually caught up to things. It’s amazing!

Before I dive into that freedom and swim around in it with a smile, I think I better find some food first. Because, you know, writers tend to forget to eat when working on things. We’re weird like that.