Be A Good Little Heir (Snippet Sunday 1.22.17)

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Happy New Year, folks! 2017 is upon us which means its time for a new set of resolutions and new set of writing goals. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish Fated to Darkness as I had hoped to in December but I’m still plugging away at it. Since I’m not quite sure of my writing goals for the new year just yet, I’m going to continue sharing from Fated to Darkness this month. In February I believe I will be switching to something else brand spanking new. (This is still unedited, other than the look over editing I do before hitting post. Please excuse some errors, and suggestions are welcome.)

This week’s excerpt picks up a few pages after last week’s snippet. Heather openly defied Ciara in doing what was wanted of her — torturing the girl in front of her. For that, we all know Ciara is about to teach her a lesson.


“Fine,” she hissed, her voice slithering against Heather’s ears like death’s cold fingers. “You wish not to harm such a weakling? Then you will learn the next set of consequences for defiance. You wish to lose something precious to you?”

Heather actually glared defiantly yet, but that last question struck a chord in her that both scared her and made her glare waver. Her heartbeat quickened. What did she mean by “lose something precious to her”? She absolutely did not want to find out, but she had a bad gut feeling in her again that she was going to find out after all.

Out of nowhere her mind felt like it was splitting open again and she gasped, curling over on herself. Her hands flew to her head, pressing against her temples in a vain attempt to hold together what she was sure was being ripped to shreds. Her vision started to sway, darkness creeping in and she thought for sure she was going to pass out from the intense pressure building in her head. Moments after it became unbearable it burst and gave way to a flurry of images, before finally settling on one single scene.

Her body stilled, frozen in time. She was trapped within her own head at Ciara’s mercy, forced to watch the scene play out in her mind’s eye like a vivid dream. Wide eyes stared blankly ahead from what she was being shown, no longer seeing her surroundings, mouth agape slightly in fear and shock.

The images started to move like a flip book gaining speed until they were a flawless movie in front of her eyes. She thought it was real, watching it. She could have sworn it was happening right in front of her for all the senses slamming into her. A warm breeze caressing her skin, grass and cool earth squishing between her bare toes, sun shining down on her, the scent of fresh clipped grass tickling her nose, and the sound of singing birds filling the air. 

Tangible terror and horror sprang up in her though, clashing with the serene peace to the scene as she followed her dog running around their backyard, barking and chasing a squirrel up a tree.

She could do nothing more than watch as her dog tumbled along before planting front paws on the tree trunk and barking up its limbs where the squirrel disappeared within. Then she suddenly froze and whined in distress, tail tucking and backing away.

Magic. Heather felt prickling magic trailing across her skin with an icy finger, suffocating the area and snuffing out the serenity.

Jazy began to cry in panic. The sound tore at Heather’s ears, causing her heart to skip and she found herself trying to plead with Ciara but no words came out. She tried to move, to reach toward her dog when her screams and yelps of pain made Jazy wither and fall to the ground. She convulsed for a moment before her eyes rolled back in her head and she jerked harshly, taking her last breath and going still, tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Heather tried to scream from the sight in front of her, but only painful silence met her eyes. Hot tears fell down her cheeks. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t stop what she was seeing! She was a prisoner to it. Her breathing came quicker, shallower now in hyperventilation.

“Jazy…” she whispered, finally hearing herself speak the name out loud though it echoed as if down a long tunnel.

“That is what will happen if you continue to defy me, Heir. All those you know and care for will suffer your consequences too. They will die one by one unless you be a good little Heir and do as I say. Is that what you really wish?”


Now that is one vivid dream-like image I would never wish to see or experience. I will be sharing one more excerpt from FtD next week and then moving onto something brand-spanking new for February!

Fated to Darkness Cover Final

Three year old Heather Fraeis is like every other normal toddler. With a loving family, a family dog, and a little bit spoiled.

But fate can be a twisted and cruel friend.

Kidnapped on the night of her fourth birthday by a woman clad in black, Heather is whisked away to a realm that has never been known to exist. Forced into a life she doesn’t want as her kidnapper’s Heir, she comes to find that monsters do in fact exist, nightmares are more than bad dreams, and magic is more than just the thing of fairy tales.

Lies, fear, secrets, and pain await her around every corner. Swallowed whole by the dark path laid out before her, she is forced to fall with no light at the end of the tunnel to give her hope. Until she meets a young boy that may change everything once more for her…

Can Heather defy all the odds and overcome who is she forced to become? Or will it be too late for her to rise above the fate laid before her?

This story is not yet on Wattpad because it is my baby that I hope to publish one day, and if no one will publish me, I am self publishing. But it’s also not on Wattpad because it’s in first draft phases yet. So there will be no “if you wish to read more…”

However! If you wish to read anything else that I have out for free, you can hop on over to  my profile on Wattpad and check out what I have to offer. Or if you wish to read my debut release, Embermyst, you can find out more about that in the tabs above. (I’m working on the tabs, bare with me.) I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads. You can also find me on my Facebook author page to keep up to date with all that’s going on in my writing.

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  1. GREAT imagery here: and you really baited me along with the contrast of horror and pleasantness! With how much you hyped the horror, I found myself quickening my reading to see why she was scared! Awesome snippet!

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