Win Like A Warrior


Well, I did it.

30 days, 50,157 words after validating (50,177 words according to my Word doc), 118 pages, and 8 chapters.

My first big November win is in the bag.

I thought I wasn’t going to make it a few times, thought of giving up a few times too. I prevailed and pushed through though and came out with a win four hours before midnight of December 1st.

I’m not quite sure how I pulled it off on top of working the holiday and the holiday itself, but I did it. I know I played a lot of leap frog with par this time around. My pattern consisted of not writing for however many days I worked in a row, and then cramming as many words as possible in on my days off. Most of the time at least, not all of the time. Okay… A majority of the time that’s how it went.

So I may have finished NaNo with a win, but I still haven’t finished this damn novel. Go figure. I’ve got six chapters left to write (providing my characters actually listen) and possibly an epilogue. I’m still undecided on the epilogue, it may be too spoilerish and I can’t have that, even though I’m in love with the idea. I wonder if maybe I can turn the epilogue into a novella type of side story thing that follows the other…

Oh, great, I just set the plot bunnies loose. I’m screwed now!

Anyways, I’m really praying I can finish this novel this year but we’ll see how it goes this month. After this final week I certainly don’t have any sanity left, let alone energy. I’m pretty burned out right now, and I know the rest of the month is just going to get harder the closer Christmas comes.

I’d love to finish this novel soon, to be able to say I’ve actually done it. I’ve only been working on it for two and a half years, but again we’ll see what happens. (Do not ask me how long this novel is, I will probably lie at this point.)

However, in a spot of good news, I did come across an epiphany and major twist while I was playing out the chapter I’m on right now. It gave me the basis of an answer for a giant question mark I’ve had for a long while now, and will also throw a shocker in down the line in the books. So there’s that plus.

I pretty much squealed and freaked out for an entire day over the beautifulness that was this epiphany. It needs a little tweaking yet and some more playing around with, but it’s there and it’s growing. I can’t wait. (I better start writing faster then, I mean it when I say it’s farther down the line. By, like, a few books.)

At the end of any NaNo, Camp or this one, I always have the feeling of “now what?”. The feeling that I should be doing something, like writing madly and neglecting all other housework. I always feel kind of lost at the end of these, and I always tend to fall apart after the first week or so that NaNo is over. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time but with me… Yeah, I’m not gonna go there.

I can say one thing for sure: this girl is definitely a total NaNo addict now. I mean, I was before with Camp NaNo already, but now it’s even worse. If I can conquer this craziness during retail holiday craziness as well, then I should be able to do anything, right? I felt a bit like a warrior when I hit that validate button the other day. It didn’t last too long before the “now what?” attitude sunk in though.

But it’s a new month now, and a new month means new goals. Goals that I don’t know what they are yet…

It also means I should get my room cleaned up, get caught up on all I neglected the past month, and try to find my desk under this pile of miscellaneous papers and Goddess knows what else. Thankfully I have the next two days off for the whole playing catch up thing, because I need to set up Sunday Snippets for this month too, and I still need to blog hop this week’s snippets.

It just never ends. Never.

Well, I know what my weekend will consist of, hopefully with some writing as well so I don’t lose momentum. About those goals though… Um, yeah, check back with me on Tuesday about those. I’m pretty clueless right now.


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