Stressing For A Win

Sooo… I may or may not be rather far behind on NaNo again…

Alright, there’s no maybe about it. I am.


I was supposed to write Tuesday night after I finished my blog post, and, well, yeah. I got sidetracked and I was tired already. I don’t think I actually got any words down on the page that day. Then Wednesday my mood was just completely ruined and in another slump that I couldn’t pull out of so you can guess I didn’t get anything done that day either.

I had wanted to be at 40k by Wednesday night too, because I figured 10k would be an easy enough final count to reach within the last week of NaNo.

Well, 40k didn’t happen. 36k didn’t even happen by that point.

I’ve written maybe 600 words since Monday.

*Sighs again*

And even now I don’t have any will to write, and there’s five days left to NaNo. Three of which are pretty much shot to hell thanks to work shifts and other stuff going on. I only have one more day off for the rest of November too.

Right now I am currently 14,426 words away from a win. I need to write 2,405 words a day to reach that win.

Well, I know that’s not going to be possible on at least three days so I guess that means I better come up with 14.5k in three days, since my last three days of November are shot. Go figure.

I’ve not been able to stay on par or stay above par all month. I haven’t even been as excited for NaNo as I would be the Camp NaNo’s. Maybe because of the holiday and work madness as well. Or maybe it’s stress. I don’t know. Whatever the reason I hate it.

Looking back, there’s only been a total of 7 days this month I’ve stayed on or above par. That sucks. Four of them were the first four days of November because I took off the 1st to try to get ahead.

At this point, I’m thinking I should have taken off the last day of November too, because I don’t think I can do three 5k days to get this win, not on top of working two of them.

Now I’m also pretty sure I won’t be getting much, if anything, written tonight because the alone time to unwind to write was just taken away. *Sigh* I hate being an introvert with nowhere I can call my own space.

2 thoughts on “Stressing For A Win

  1. I think it’s easier to get excited for Camp because of the cabins.

    And, hey, you’re further ahead than I am. (I’m not even sure if what I’m writing makes sense and I am really dreading the editing! LOL)


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