Taking the Plunge?

Three days.

NaNoWriMo is three days away.

Just three days.

I’m…not ready. Actually, I’m not even sure I’m doing it. Sort of.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between I’m doing it and I’m unsure if I’m doing it all month long. I’ve got three days to decide now, and somehow…I think I seemed to have an epiphany on my decision this morning.

Earlier this week, I was thinking I wasn’t going to do it because of some negative news I got at work that added to the holiday madness in which I’m already dreading. Anyone who works retail knows the holiday season means you work longer hours and more hours. Well, try adding having to help out another store during that same time because they are shorthanded on the account of going out of business in January of next year and have had one manager walk out already. So not only do I have longer hours and more hours at my own store, I might be pushing overtime to help out another store during the madness.

If I have any sanity now, I guarantee you it will be long gone by the end of December.

So you see where my new dilemma came with NaNo. If I have to be doing even more hours at work during November, how am I ever going to manage writing 50k words on top of it, right? Sleep really will be non-existent. That bit of news turned me back off of attempting NaNo for the second time.

(Last year failed because of a computer crash the first week of November that left me without a computer for over two months.)

However, one of my 2016 goals was to finish the rough draft of Fated to Darkness and I know that is not going to get done unless I tell myself I am doing NaNoWriMo and start writing my ass off regardless of work. I know that is the only way I am going to finish this novel this year.

(Seriously, I write more in the two, three NaNo months a year than I do in all the non-NaNo months put together. What is wrong with that picture? This is why I need more than 3 NaNo’s a year.)

Somehow, I came to this revelation this morning in my sleep and woke up with a newfound desire — desperation? — to finish that goal this year. So now I think I am going to plunge into the NaNoWriMo madness in three days. I’m nowhere near ready, but thankfully, I have the next four days off to try to be ready. Sort of.

I guess we’ll find out in Tuesday’s blog post if I really did plunge into the madness, or if I bailed.

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