Recapping and Rethinking

Yesterday was the Halloween Bash Facebook party with Victory Tales Press. It was my first ever Facebook party promotional event for my writing and I’d say it was a success. (After I spent I don’t know long how stressing over it and worrying and trying to plan. It went a lot smoother than I expected it to.) I’ll definitely be up to participating in more and hosting my own in the future for releases.

I had a lot of fun. Read some great ghost stories, learned of some awesome Halloween pranks, a recipe or two, played a couple games, had chances for prizes. (I won an eBook.) And my one hour of hosting wasn’t a bust either, I had people playing along with my Halloween Scattergories game, and sharing their Halloween costume idea, favorite kind of tale to read or write, or their favorite legend for a chance at my giveaway. No one seemed to comment to the snippet I shared of Embermyst but otherwise it went well.

It hasn’t gained me any followers to my blog or Wattpad yet, but I did gain 3 followers to my Facebook page just from the event so there’s that little happy dance. My post reach sky rocketed this week too from the event. Since, you know, I refuse to pay Facebook three or five dollars to help promote myself. Everyone wants money nowadays… *Rolls eyes*

Everyone also wants to screw over Daelyn lately.

Right now I’m running on fumes again. I had another 5am work shift so naturally, as my night owl complex goes, I didn’t sleep last night. We’ve been down this path before, we know I manage to get through the day with burning eyes and lots of yawns, including some irritability. Then I’ll crash around midnight the next night to catch up on sleep.

Except there’s one problem with that train of thinking this time.

Guess who works two effing 5am shifts back to back?

Yep, this author right here. Make the night owl — who the boss knows doesn’t sleep on these shifts — do two of them back and back, and then work Thursday and Friday long days as well. And who can’t even remotely sleep in on Saturday as well because of a family event.

I tried to sleep when I got home from work today but…it’s nearly impossible for me to sleep soundly enough during the day to feel better. I was up and down so I’m still exhausted. All I’m saying is I better get four days off in a row starting Saturday or I am going to be one cranky author. (I already have Saturday off for the family event, and I took off Monday and Tuesday because of Samhain and NaNo. I’m praying I get Sunday as well. I could use four days off like that, it’s been way too long since I had something like that.)

And speaking of NaNoWriMo…

*Heavy sigh*

I don’t want to go into it right now. For now, let’s just leave it at I got some news today from work that I’m quite sure is really going to screw whatever measly odds I had at completing NaNoWriMo during the holiday season. Which really pisses me off and upsets me because I had so many hopes to finish this novel this year, and now…

*Shakes head sadly*

I had started doing so great the last week. I was really on top of everything and I was caught up and feeling good about things and then…as always, something always screws it up. Go figure, huh?

Right now I’m just praying I make it through this week alive and without needing any bail money. Then again, if I look like a walking zombie out of exhaustion by Sunday, at least I have half a costume for Halloween the next day.

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