An Interview and a Facebook Party

As many of you know who have been following my blog, at the end of September I had my first ever publication with Victory Tales Press for their 2016 Halloween anthology. My debut story, Embermyst, within Paranormal Pleasures has been out in the eBook and print world for almost a month now.

Through these last few weeks I’ve learned that self promoting is hard, and takes a whole hell of a lot of time and work. Of course, I’m not doing all the promoting myself, the other three authors along with VTP have been doing their own promoting as well, but it’s still hard. Even harder to actually get yourself noticed from all the work. Sometimes you want to throw your hands up and say, “what the hell is the point?”

But then you get those times where someone makes your day and you can’t stop smiling, and suddenly all that work is worth it. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of those moments the past few weeks.

However, the promoting never really ends, and with Halloween only 9 days away now, this is the ideal time to really push the book.

For the last four days, VTP and PbRJV have been conducting interviews with the four of us authors who contributed to Paranormal Pleasures. Earlier today, my interview went live on their blog, Once Upon A Word. If you ever wondered where I came up with the idea for Embermyst, or what my favorite paranormal book is, you can head on over to their blog to find my answers. You can also find another sneak peek excerpt from Embermyst!

If you’re interested to hear from the other three authors, you can scroll through the archives of October for the past four days and take a trip into their minds as well.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

This coming Monday, October 24th, VTP and PbRJV will be co-hosting a Halloween Bash Facebook party to help promote the release. Myself and some of the other authors of VTP will be hosting with giveaways, snippets, and treats the whole day. One lucky trick-or-treater will even win a $40 Amazon gift card!


I will be hosting for a time frame of one hour starting at 1pm PDT (2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, and 4pm EST). If you stop by, I’ll be introducing myself, sharing a snippet or two from Embermyst, and playing some games. I will also be hosting a giveaway to one lucky U.S. participant. My prize will be a signed copy of Paranormal Pleasures (I will personalize the sign if the winner so wishes) and a handmade representation of my two main characters in Embermyst, Death and Morticia.


Signed Paperback Copy of Paranormal Pleasures



“Happily Ever After” Handmade Tombstone of Death and Morticia


Other participating authors include: Gerald Costlow, Karen Michelle Nutt, Katrina Gillian, Denise Stout, Rebecca J. Vickery, Paula Martin, Teresa Cypher, Vicki Crum, Stephanie Burkhart, Linda Swift, and Cecilia Corona.

So mark you calendars and save the date! Come join the authors of VTP for a day or spooks and treats on Monday, October 24th for a chance to meet your favorite author, discover a new, and enjoy some fun and games with prizes included! The fun starts at 8am PDT (9am MDT, 10am CDT, 11am EST).

We hope to see you there!


Paranormal Pleasures: 2016 Halloween Romances
Publisher: Victory Tales Press
Authors: Gerald Costlow, Barbara Miller, Daelyn Morgana (ME!), and Vicki Crum
Format: eBook and Paperback
Release Date: eBook – September 26, 2016
Paperback – October 1, 2016
Length: 59.7k words, 210 pages eBook, 174 pages print
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories
Price: $2.99 eBook, $9.95 paperback

Victory Tales Press offers four sweet to sensual stories to stir your heart and satisfy your craving for romance. Our talented storytellers dare you to enter a world where romance dwells in the most unlikely places.

Ghost of a Chance
By: Gerald Costlow

Billy Sherritt, the only warlock born in 300 years, is now a teenager and facing some choices about his life that he doesn’t like. He unexpectedly gets sent back in time to 1640 in England, to meet the previous warlock and namesake Bill Sherritt and his sweetheart, Abigail. A Witchfinder is about to show up and the entire witch community is in danger. Billy wants to help, but he arrived as a disembodied ghost and he’s forced to stay with Bill wherever he goes.

If he can’t help this couple escape and make their way to America, his own future might be in danger. So far, he’s only managed to compound their love life. It’s hard to have a romantic rendezvous with a teenage ghost in the room.

Right Turn
By: Barbara Miller

Greg Sutton comes to Maple Grove looking for an inexpensive house since his estranged wife will end up with the current one in their divorce. His kids Eric and Kelly are not happy about the move, which will take them away from their friends, but he has to find work to take care of his children.

Lois Smith has a more desperate reason for hunting an out-of-the-way place. She is a romance author and is being stalked by a fan who wants to play out his fantasies about her. Her realtor sends her to a place in Maple Grove, a mansion in need of some tender loving care. Though Lois doubts she is at the right house, it looks like a perfect place to hide away from her stalker.

Without realizing it, the realtor sent both Greg and Lois to the same wrong place. The Mansion has secrets and wounds of its own. Will the mishap end up being the right turn in Lois and Greg’s lives?

By: Daelyn Morgana

As the God of the Afterlife, Death has grown accustomed to his dreary duty until he meets an unlikely soul: an empowered woman named Morticia. She was living with a big secret in a world full of fear before an exorcism gone wrong landed her in his realm.

Was it a twist of the Fates?

Death didn’t think so.

While she hovers between the mortal plane and the land of the dead, can he convince her of the legends of the divine, claiming she is his one perfect Mate? Or will the promise hanging around her neck cause her to return to the land of the living and the man that failed her?

Something About Autumn
By: Vicki Crum

Autumn Graham has always been a dreamer, a free spirit who never quite fit in with her peers. As an adult, and now an independent business owner, she’s worked hard to put all that fanciful nonsense behind her—until a mysterious stranger walks into her bookstore asking for books on the occult. Tall, charming, handsome as sin, Dorian fascinates Autumn like no man ever has. He claims to be a fantasy writer, but she suspects there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. When the instant attraction they share quickly spirals out of control, Autumn finds herself falling hard for the enigmatic stranger. But can she handle the astounding truth about Dorian’s real identity?

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