Crazy Wonderland

So I’m not so much drowning and behind on a lot of things anymore. Well, sort of… Okay, that’s mostly a lie. No, I lied again. It is a lie.

I am caught up on blog hops finally, so there’s that. My desk is at least semi organized yet for the most part. But, I, well, I still haven’t written a word on Fated to Darkness.


It’s starting to irk me and frustrate me. Work is starting to irk and frustrate me just as much, because it is my main reason for hating everything and having no energy or will to do anything. I really want to just take a week’s vacation or so and not have to think about work at all. Especially when the holiday madness has begun and we’ve reset three-fourths of our store in a matter of three weeks or so. Talk about a headache and a half, even more so when corporate fucks up your planograms for the set to the point you can’t even remotely go by it. That would certainly explain where my headaches are coming from lately. Maybe I’ll just pack up my bags and disappear off the grid for a week or so.

Then again, if I do that, will I still not get anything done?

Knowing me, that’s a very real possibility.

I think I just need a bigger break. There’s really no breaks to retail. You have days off, sure, but very rarely are they more than one day off in a row so it’s like…you can’t even just rest on your first day of the weekend then work the next day to catch up on what you need to. No, you either don’t rest and make yourself more exhausted because you won’t have an extra day to relax, or you do rest and fall further behind.

It’s a losing battle working in retail, and it sucks monkey balls.

Anyways, the want to write is there. The want is nagging at me and screaming inside my head like the mermaids singing of Harry Potter when they’re above water, but it’s the time and energy that is sucking away at the want.

Lately, I’ve been exploring my characters a little more within roleplays I participate in. It’s giving me a ton of ideas, and a lot of excitement to write, and it’s also bringing up rising plot bunnies like a plague. Who knew writing a mentally unstable crazy character who is an insane genius would bring so many plot bunnies around?

Now I really want to write an insane character. They are TONS of fun! But I’m just not quite sure how I could make that work into any of my novels. I’m trying though, I’m toying with ideas. I want to have a crazy character or aspect of one somewhere along my books now, quite badly too. So toying around like a puppet on strings is what I shall do to make it work.

But toying with ideas means I’m also not just writing. And I should be writing. October is almost over. I need to be writing. I have goals, badly neglected goals. I need to be writing. Just keep writing, just keep writing. *Twitches*

See? Crazy is fun!

*Shakes head*

Right then. I need to go pull my head out of Crazy Wonderland and it’s multitude of reality breaking plot bunnies and do some writing before my characters decide I’m the one who should be tortured next.

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