We Do Not Change (Snippet Sunday 10.16.16)

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snippet sunday

It’s the best time of the year in terms of Halloween and fall colors, and since Halloween is my favorite time of the year, for the month of October I’m going to be sharing from a new Halloween themed paranormal short story of mine. Embermyst is included in Victory Tales Press’ newest anthology release for the Halloween season, Paranormal Pleasures, which is out for sale in eBook and paperback format! It is also my first ever publication! Hooray!

This snippet skips ahead from last week’s snippet again. The girl Death had encountered is now speaking to him and he has learned what brought her to his realm. The girl, Morticia, is now explaining the why of what happened to her after the Holy Church saw fit to purge her soul of evil. Death speaks first.

Also! Coming up on October 24th, Victory Tales Press will be holding a Halloween Bash Facebook party. Some of the authors from Paranormal Pleasures and other past authors with VTP will be co-hosting the whole day with giveaways, tricks, treats, and more! One lucky trick-or-treater will even have a chance at an Amazon gift card! I will be one of the hosts at 1pm PDT (2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, and 4pm EST) and I will have a giveaway for U.S. participants, so be sure to stop by and join the spooks.

Now for the third peek at Embermyst

(Some sentences may have been creatively edited and punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. I’m over, again. Can we just agree that my snippets will always be a little longer but not too long?)


“Who accused you? Did anyone really know the truth?”

She smiled wistfully. “Not that I know of. A few might have suspected, I believe. As for who ratted me out… Who else but the town crier looking for easy recognition? There were enough strange tales about me, as it were, that it did not take much convincing of the townsfolk to accuse me. They are foolish, really. Who else will be able to cure their ailments when they are sick, and in such a timely manner? They will regret it.”

Death chuckled. “An Herbwitch seeking revenge?”

“Oh. No. Karma will give them theirs I’m quite sure. I’m not above revenge, but I’m sure there will be retribution for their acts without dirtying my hands. Sickness will bite them in the butt like winter’s late frost and then they will see the asset they lost over blind fear of working with the Devil.” She rolled her eyes, bitterness leaking into her voice.

He was beginning to respect this woman. One hand reached over and patted hers. “Fear not that you need worry about the Devil.”

“He doesn’t even exist in my beliefs.” She flicked a hand dismissively.

“Simply because he does not exist in your beliefs, does not mean he does not exist at all.”

Morticia tilted her head. “How so, Death?”

“Do you believe in me?”

“I do. You are the bridging hand that carries the spirit and soul onwards to the next life, to be reborn again with the Goddess’ awakening. You are not one to be feared, but rather respected for the heavy weight and responsibility you carry.”

He was taken aback for a moment. The odd prickling sensation wound back through his bones, practically making him squirm. “While that is quite kind of you… Do others believe in me though?”

She took a moment to think about her answer, then started slowly, “They…believe in the concept of death, of the Grim Reaper with his scythe and the ability to cut away your soul. A night stalker to be feared for where he may choose to drop you for eternity. Not many believe in death as a just God, a bridge being as I do.”

“Precisely. Then just because you do not believe Satan exists as a being or a God, does not mean he doesn’t actually exist to others as such. It is all a concept of mind over matter. Your beliefs and views shape the Gods and beings you believe in and meet. Folklore and religions have given us deities many faces, but we do not change. We are simply us. It is the believer who changes what they see and encounter in life.”


It seems Morticia is getting a lesson, and Death has gone quite deep in his explanation.


Paranormal Pleasures: 2016 Halloween Romances
Publisher: Victory Tales Press
Authors: Gerald Costlow, Barbara Miller, Daelyn Morgana (ME!), and Vicki Crum
Format: eBook and Paperback
Release Date: eBook – September 26, 2016
Paperback – October 1, 2016
Length: 59.7k words, 210 pages eBook, 174 pages print
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories
Price: $2.99 eBook, $9.95 paperback

Victory Tales Press offers four sweet to sensual stories to stir your heart and satisfy your craving for romance. Our talented storytellers dare you to enter a world where romance dwells in the most unlikely places.

By: Daelyn Morgana

As the God of the Afterlife, Death has grown accustomed to his dreary duty until he meets an unlikely soul: an empowered woman named Morticia. She was living with a big secret in a world full of fear before an exorcism gone wrong landed her in his realm.

Was it a twist of the Fates?

Death didn’t think so.

While she hovers between the mortal plane and the land of the dead, can he convince her of the legends of the divine, claiming she is his one perfect Mate? Or will the promise hanging around her neck cause her to return to the land of the living and the man that failed her?

Barnes & Noble

This story is not on Wattpad due to the fact it has been published, but if you wish to read more of Embermyst, and the four other authors within Paranormal Pleasures, you can pick up a copy through Amazon, Smashwords, or Createspace today!

If you wish to read anything else that I have out for free, you can hop on over to  my profile on Wattpad and check out what I have to offer. I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads. You can also find my on my Facebook author page to keep up to date with all that’s going on in my writing.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,
hop on over to Facebook and check out Snippet Sunday!


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