Love and War (Wednesday Words 10.5.16)

Welcome to a piece of Wednesday Word’s flash fiction on Darkling Dreams!

A good friend of mine, P.T. Wyant, is doing a blog post every Wednesday called Wednesday Words with a new prompt for a bit of flash fiction writing, just to get in the habit of writing something, anything. (Even if said flash fiction is complete garbage at the time. Garbage is better than nothing though, right?) If you’re looking for some inspiration yourself or just something to aimlessly write, then go check out her blog for this week’s prompt!

With that being said, I am going to share what I came up with for this week’s flash fiction prompt based off a photo prompt. So here is my very rough around the edges minute of inspiration based off her prompt. I’d love to hear what you guys think of it!

(Please excuse any errors you may see, I said it was rough around the edges.)


Love and War

I was married here, and I died here.

All in one day.

The once great hall now a graveyard of rubble and bone. The staircase was all that had survived the catapults raining rock and burning fires fueled by whiskey. The roof collapsed, gaping holes along the structure left the elements to bathe the once magnificent hall in abandonment and shame. Where couples once danced hand in hand tombstones now dotted their footwork like a grim memorial. Red tapestries decorated a vibrant hall once, their gold embroidery now hanging in tatters from the castle walls. The arches still stood, but the ceilings were cracked from pressure and strain, and the shining knights of armor that used to decorate them are now rusted and dented with age, slain among the vines and dirt.

It had been grand once, on the eve of my wedding, when the castle still stood in all its glory and unity. War is a fickle thing, though, as is love, and you know what they say — all is fair in love and war.

I suppose our greedy, bordering nation took the saying to heart, to attack our nation on the most joyous day of our kingdom. It had been the cusp of unity, of a new approach to prevent war from breaking, and it had all gone up in smoke, flames, and blood.

It matters no more I suppose. Our nation has crumbled to dust and ash much like our castle. The land overtaken by vines and moss, the earth reclaiming what we claimed for ourselves. We were once great and powerful before our King and Queen were poisoned and killed, leaving their sole heir — the Prince, my husband — to find love quickly before the nation was pressured on by bordering lands.

Our wedding had come just a few weeks too late.

Now like our servants, our guests, our riches and grandeur, we are buried in the rubble. To lay forever in a nation wavered by misfortune where we should have ruled side by side for years to come as the betrothal said:

Till death do us part, but not even then.

Now you can find this flash fiction work and others on my profile on Wattpad! Click here for my profile and go dive into a sea of Shards of Imagination!

Shards of Imagination Cover Final

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