Goal Crunching

Another weekend has come and gone, and with it comes the end of August. Where has the time gone? Didn’t August just start?

With the end of August also comes the deadline of all the goals I had for August, and, er, well…

*Clears throat, looks off innocently*

Can I skip talking about that? Let’s just say I did horrible.

In truth, not one of my goals was accomplished. *Sigh* I know I still have two days left to August but none of it is going to get done more than likely. I mean, unless I can write 15k in Fated to Darkness, two sets of notes for journaling, and five entries for that journaling in two days time, it ain’t getting done. In fact, it’s more like one day because my Wednesday is shot to hell between work and riding until about 8 o’clock at night.

What fun! Not!

I actually could get the notes done in time, and probably should before I forget any more of them.

I guess it’s not too bad that I didn’t get any of those goals done, though. I mean, I did write an almost 10k word short story, and submitted itĀ for a chance to be published, and I am getting published. I did write it and edit it in the span of 12 days, and then had to putz around editing it once more when I got it back for a look over.

(Which I just finished that yesterday and sent it back so we’ll see what suggestions, if any, come back to me this time.)

So it wasn’t like I wasted the whole month. I was busy. Work drained me a couple weeks, I worked my ass off writing this story and submitting it. I did do about 5k worth of words on Fated to Darkness before I got sidetracked on the submission.

I did write then. I did do something in the world of a writer. It just wasn’t the goals I was supposed to be doing.

Go figure.

Not to mention right now I’m a week behind on blog hops thanks to work and a lot of other stress… Yeah, that’ll be my later today goal, plus some writing and whatever else needs done, like scheduling Sunday Snippet posts for September. My villain and hero of FtD are feeling quite neglected, too. Yet I’m still struggling a bit to get back into them, I’m managing a few hundred words at a time, that’s it.

So now that August is coming to a close, what are my goals going to be for September? Well… Maybe I’ll save that in depth topic for Friday’s post. (Mainly because I’m not quite sure on them just yet.)