Scarping Versus Scraping

Alright, so I didn’t finish writing my short story submission for the anthology by Saturday like I had wanted. I got close, but I was hitting blocks and I was a real cranky bitch for a couple days so not a lot of writing happened. I did write every day, but I didn’t finish the story like I wanted to.

Sunday I kind of took a day off, even though I know I shouldn’t have. I was trying to make myself write but I was still just so tired from a long work week that I couldn’t get myself moving. I had my laptop out and everything, I just kind of never opened it to start writing.

So yesterday before work was when I finally finished writing this short tale. As usual, I’m a horrible judge of how many more words left I have to write. I thought it’d be around 7k words or so in total, and, nope. I ended up finishing out at 21 pages and 9.5k words.

I’m not complaining about it. I like how it ended and I think it’s befitting. Though I did have a new character decide to waltz their way in at the end of the story. More like clip-clop on in. But I love them so much so it’s all good.


Since I finished writing the story yesterday, that had left me with about four days to edit this and send it in. The deadline is this Saturday. I want to send it on Friday just to be safe. I had really wanted more than four days to edit this, but I think I’ll be okay.

Before I went to work yesterday I printed it out and hole punched it, then put it in my short stories binder for editing. (Which still has Rivers of Black sitting in it staring at me expectedly going “when am I finally going to get my re-edit?”) I hauled my editing bag out yesterday before I left, too, and had sorely wished I could have stayed home from work and started working on it.

Unfortunately the evil day job just does not allow me to do that. I gotta make money some other way until my dad keeps saying I hit big with publishing. (He’s more confident than I am over that fact.)

So I started editing earlier tonight then and I’ve gotten halfway through the story. I’m up to page 12. I would have been editing all day but I had a dreaded bathroom to clean finally, and I still haven’t gotten to my laundry since someone else stole the washer for the day. I swear that happens every time I’m off and need to do my laundry.

I’d still be editing if not for the fact I remembered I needed a blog post before midnight. Whoops.

This editing round is honestly my first try at printing out what I write and editing the old fashioned way with a red pen and a bunch of other office goodies. (You should see what my editing bag holds.) I used to just edit right from my computer screen but after being told printing it out seems to help a little more, I decided it was time to give it a try.

So far I like it. I really like doing it this way. There’s a bunch of papers and colorful pens strewn around me, but it works well doing it this way. I’m going to stick with this.

Part of the problem is this is also sort of my trial and error editing method. Since this is the first time I’m editing on paper, I’m not quite sure how I want to color code things or stay organized so I’m kind of testing the waters as I go. Thankfully this story isn’t a mess so I don’t have a lot of sticky note options or more than one color pen options, but it’s still a bit of trial and error. I think Rivers of Black might be a bit more in depth than this is.

So far so good though. It’s coming along well, even if I’m sitting here muttering to myself and reading aloud. I also discovered that scarping is a word in this process. I apparently meant to write “scraping” and it came out as “scarping”. I had never heard of that word before and since Word didn’t obviously yell at me for it with a red squiggly line, I didn’t notice it till now. And yes, I did go look it up when I realized what I wrote to see if it was even a word. I don’t think I would have caught that if I was staring at my computer screen instead of a piece of paper. So, yay!

My hope is to have finished paper editing it and entering the changes into Word by tomorrow night. Then maybe get another set of eyes on it just to be safe and give it one last read through before I send it off on Friday.

Wish me luck, but I’m sure you’ll hear about that come Friday anyways.

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