Hello, August. So Long, Camp.


Welcome to August, Darklings!

Where has the time gone? Summer is half way over. Pretty soon we’ll be thinking of back to school and college, warm hoodies and bonfires, pumpkin flavored everything, changing leaves, breezy days, and, of course, All Hallow’s Eve. (That last one I’m totally okay with. I honestly wish Valentine’s Day would become a second Halloween. Or would it be first Halloween since Valentine’s Day is in February and Halloween is in October?)

But with the flipping of the calander again comes the dreaded task of looking back on the month before and frowning at all you had planned and didn’t get done. Then on looking at the new month and feeling overwhelmed as you try to cram last month’s goals and this month’s goals into one month.

Oh what fun.


Well, looking back on July, the month didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

Yes, I did get another win in my books for Camp NaNo. Sadness — it’s over again until next April. There needs to be more Camps! But I still have November madness to drive myself crazy with. On top of the holiday season in retail. What fun!

Again… *Heavy sarcasm*

Besides Camp NaNoWriMo, I did manage to get my entire room cleaned out and organized. I still have to go through my books, and I might have missed a small drawer and file container I should go through yet, but those last two are minor. It’s the books I need to do before Saturday. For Saturday is my fast approaching yard sale.

I still have half a room to get through yet, and some cupboards in my bathroom. (Because I know I have an old fish tank in there I can sell, among a few other things.) There is not enough time in the day or days left in this week to get through everything I need to. I’m seeing some very late nights ahead of me, a lot of caffeine, and a lot less sanity. There’s too much I have to do yet.

Yesterday I did get the signs made finally, and an ad on Craigslist. I still need to go out and post them though because my Monday plans were screwed thanks to the Evil Day Job in which I stayed 3 hours later than I was supposed to.

Granted, I do need the hours and we are stressed right now because of a lot going on. (Worst time of the year in retail is BTS — Back To School. Christmas is as bad as this. Doesn’t help when you throw a lot of trouble and the big big BIG bosses’ visit in that mix.) I’m only getting two days this week compared to my eight straight last week. It’s only because I requested off days to be ready for the yard sale, plus camping and horseback riding thrown in the same week. My stress level might thank me for the time off, but my bank account won’t.

And I am getting way off topic of goals!


Looking back on July I got a win in Camp NaNo, and I got my room cleaned out and organized. I kept up with writing two Shards a week for my flash fictions to play catch up on the ones I missed due to my computer crash. I’m back on track for posting and for Sunday Snippets. (Though I’m behind on last week after that Hell Week.)

Except… Other than those four things about, I got nothing else done I was supposed to.

I didn’t catch up on any of my camping journal entries. I didn’t even finish the notes for the last one, or start the notes for the one I just came back from. I’m now four entries behind in writing that. I didn’t get through cleaning the spare room, though I finally started on Sunday. I haven’t gone through my books yet as I mentioned.

There’s a lot I should have done and ended up not getting to, or just became lazy and worn out and didn’t do then. And it puts me even further behind for August…

So what are my goals for August then?

I have to get the camping journal entries caught up this month. I HAVE to. (Someone crack the whip on me for this one.) I have created my own Cabin away from NaNo Cabins with a couple friends to continue motivating myself to keep writing, so I set myself a 20k goal for Fated to Darkness this month. (I’d love to finish the book this month, but with the yard sale and journal entries yet, I will settle for 20k. It’s only 5k a week. I aim to finish the whole book next month. *Squee!*) By this time next week I should all be done with yard sale things and cleaning. Thankfully.

Other than those three things, I have nothing else major planned for this month. Of course there’s always Snippets and other menial things that I have to do each month, but those are the big three for August. Here’s hoping I actually make them this month.

I guess y’all will find out at the end of August/beginning of September if I actually made these goals this time. Hell, I’ll find out myself.