No Rest For The Wicked

Er, weary. No rest for the weary. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

I think…

Let me just say this as a forewarning, I’m a walking zombie as I write this so it could very well be all over the goddamn place and not make any sense at all. You could just be listening to me ramble for several paragraphs. You’ve been warned.

Obviously if I mentioned I’m a walking zombie, I’m beyond exhausted. I’ve worked eight days straight under a lot of stress in both work and home. Too many deadlines pressing down, too many things going wrong. There’s a lot of lack of sleep and not much sanity left now.

I’m grateful I validated for NaNo a week early, or I might not have made it over the past few days. Granted, this also means I haven’t made my 40k like I wanted. I’m only a little over 35k. I hardly managed to do 400 words yesterday. And now I’m going to be gone this whole weekend so there will more than likely not be any more writing done.

Then again, they are calling for rain all weekend so if I am stuck inside camping I might be able to hash some out. Maybe. We’ll see.

The problem is, I’m still really far behind on a lot of things. Camping journal entries. Cleaning for the yard sale. I haven’t even made the signs yet to advertise. I’ve missed blog hopping Snippets this week because of all the stress and exhaustion.

It just… Ugh. Just ugh. It’s been a really rough two weeks and it’s not going to get any better for most of August. I’m about ready to wave a white flag and go hide in a hole for a month to hibernate.

Once more the question is becoming: How the hell am I going to get myself caught up on everything?

To be painful honest, I don’t know. I’m burning out quickly with no end in sight. My Plan of Action obviously fell through two weeks ago now when I’ve become so far behind again, and I don’t see a way to make a new one that will work quickly enough without killing myself in exhaustion or stress.

The only solutions are either not working and making money so I have time around the house, or me pulling a ton of all nighters and I start living off energy drinks and caffeine. They only go so far though. And that kind of stress might kill me quicker than the slow overwhelmed stress.

The only thing I do know right now is that I’m more than likely not going to make 40k for the month, as much as I’d like the extra 4.5k I need. I also know I need sleep, and I’m not going to have a lot of that for awhile either.