Ending With A Bang


Camp NaNo July 2016 WINNER!

That’s right! This girl made goal on Sunday! With a week left to spare.

It was a roller coaster of a month for writing. With so much going on and computer issues in the beginning leading to a late start to NaNo, but I pulled through and made the measly goal I had planned.

25 days (more like 20 since I didn’t start writing till Day 5), 32,228 words after validating, 68 pages, and 5.5 chapters later and I have another win on my hands.

I had left my goal at 31k because of the issues this month had, but I really had wished for a lot more. Like my April Camp, when I did 60k. That would have been amazing, and maybe almost finished this book for me.

And I am SOOOO close to finishing this novel. Just thinking about it has me squealing and giggling like a kid in a candy store. I can’t believe I’m actually this close to finishing a novel. I never thought I’d make it this far. I really didn’t. Me and Follow Through broke up a long time ago, but he seems to have come around to stay once more when it comes to my writing.

Now I know I’ve made my goal for the month and validated so I technically don’t have to be updating that word count any further. I could stop here for the month and focus on some others things. (*Cough* Camping journal entries, cleaning, a yard sale…) And I am focusing on them. Sort of.


Alright, I’m lying through my teeth. The camping journal entries from my Plan of Action never happened yet. The cleaning has sort of happened, I did finish up my room minus going through the books I want to sell. But… The rest hasn’t really happened. Which is a bit of a problem… Which is a major problem actually because the yard sale isn’t that far away now and I go camping again this week…

But enough about the menial tasks of the daily life! This is supposed to be exciting and about writing because I won!

So yes I don’t technically have to keep writing, but I am anyways. Being this close to the end of the book I am writing like mad yet. I picked up last night again with the new chapter and…WOW.

Do any of you remember back at the beginning of April’s Camp when I wrote a scene so hard hitting in the feels and so amazing that I just had to share it in my blog post? That little playground scene that made my own jaw drop and had me staring at my computer screen for a good long while going, “Holy shit, did I just write that?”

Well, people, I did it again. I seriously did it again.

I started Chapter 27 last night, after a huge turn in the novel. So it was bound to be emotional and intense, but…shit. It came out way more intense than I expected it to. I had people messaging me and wanting to talk to me yet but I just couldn’t stop writing for fear of losing the monumental train of thought I was on. I didn’t stop until the emotion began to die down just a little.

After I hit a certain point, I literally just stared at my screen with my mouth slight agape again in shock that I just wrote that. My own heart clenched at the pain in the writing. So I pray that means it will be the same for my readers.

I ended up writing 3k words last night on just that scene, and it’s not over yet. Now I’m sitting at 35,251 words for the month. I am going to hit my 40k wish by Friday. It’s apparently possible to update your word count even after you validate without screwing anything up to. So my graph is still climbing beyond that par line. It’s a great feeling.

That whole scene I wrote is a great feeling too, and it’s very tempting to share that snippet. Because…AHHH! I still can’t form words over this scene, it still has me freaking out 12 hours later. (That’s a good thing, right?)

As much as I want to share the scene, I think I am going to leave it out this time around though. I can’t give away all the spoils of my book, not when I’m so close to finishing it. At the very least, that scene is what is going into the Info section for this Camp’s book on the NaNo site. I hadn’t been able to come up with the snippet I wanted to put there, but I sure as hell know which one I’m using now!

April’s Camp may have started and ended with a bang, and July’s Camp may have started with a wa-wa sound, but it is sure ending with a bang now.

At this rate, I am hoping to finish the novel by the end of August. Holy crap…


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