Violent Cabins, Cliffhangers, and So Close Finish Lines

So apparently my cabin mates for Camp are quite violent with their characters.

For the past few days, every time I log on to pop in and see what’s new in the cabin, I find us talking about killing and fighting. I’ve got one cabin mate who’s wondering if a certain injury is possible from a sword slash. Another that’s willingly naming off arteries that would prove fatal in order to help other said cabin mate. And then another bunker is admitting she left her character in a three-on-one swordfight and just abandoned him.

And then there’s me.

Who’s five year old character is acting like a sneaky little dark bitch who just killed two people in cold blood like a professional killer, and is prowling through a temple in order to kill her intended target.

What is wrong with us? LOL.

At least one of us is having our characters ride around on unicorn-ish creatures on fluffy clouds. And another is writing lovey dovey things. We aren’t all dark!


Anywho! That brings me to talking about my above mentioned five year old, in a way. I don’t want to talk about her too much because she’s giving me the creeps over the last chapter. She’s enjoying it too, the little brat. (Oh I hope she didn’t hear that.) But it’s all inadvertently about her in the end, since it is her novel.

I’ve done a ton of writing in the past few days. Which is great. I’ve finally caught myself up to par, and far surpassed it at this point. Right now I’m sitting at 25,877 words, with a goal of 31k. Part of me really wants to up that goal to 40k. However, this week and next are going to be hell so I think I might just play it safe, stick with this 31k in stone, and pray for 40k anyways.

It might happen. It really might happen with the excited roll I’m on.

At the point I’m at now, I’m half pantsying this novel. I used to plan out so many chapters ahead, have a working summary jotted down to know what should happen — or as close as possible to my original intent. Yet I haven’t done that this Camp so far.

I think it’s partly due to the fact I didn’t have a computer to look at things before Camp started, and also partly because I finished April’s Camp with no more planned chapters or summaries either. I winged the last few chapters in April. But more so, I think it’s that I’m not too sure on the scenes that will happen until I reach them.

Well, let me rephrase that. I know what scenes I’m working towards. I have all the big ideas planned out. But no small details or filler this time. It’s just coming as I write with no warning.

Actually, the past few days have been giving me minimal warning on a lot of writing surprises. One chapter kind of came out of nowhere, and it sucks. But it’s also half crucial to setting up the beginning of the next chapter so I guess I have to keep it and work on it in edits. I’ve had two chapters that were supposed to be a single chapter break up into two parts each. One ended up being a realization, sort of suspenseful moment that just yelled, “hey! Look at me! Break me up here!” And the second turned into a suspense cliffhanger that yelled pretty much the same thing.

I’ve shown said suspense cliffhanger to a couple people, and all hate me for it cause they can’t figure out who just came out of nowhere. Score one for evil author, Morgana!

(Yes, I am most definitely smiling like the Cheshire cat and cackling happily at being called a brat for the cliffhanger. I would be a fool not to be grinning and laughing. This is what I like to hear. It means I must be doing something right with the scene then.)

Even though these chapters are surprising me a little, and ending up shorter than most of mine, I’ve also finally got to all the really good parts of the novel that lead up to the big ‘ol finale of this book.

And you know what that means?

I am so, SO close to finishing this novel!

It’s exciting! And nerve wracking! And disbelieving! But I can see the end in sight! Pretty soon I will be writing the final sentences of the Epilogue to this novel and I will be able to say I finished my first full length novel first draft!

That is HUGE, people! Especially for me! Because I’m horrible with follow through, anyone who knows me knows that.

I can’t wait. I really can’t wait to finish this novel. I want to just sit and ignore all other adulting responsibilities and the evil day job and write. Just write. Write until I’ve gotten through the rest of the chapters and I’ve finished.



I’m getting even more excited just thinking about it. Like a kid in a candy store! On those final sentences I’ll be staring at my computer in shock, and pure elation. Of course there will still be a ton of editing to come next year, but, AH! I’ll have finished a first draft!

But in order to do that, I need to keep writing. Which isn’t hard. Not hard at all. I don’t want to stop, and I do at least know where the next three chapters are going.