Hanging On

So my Plan of Action I talked about on Tuesday started out alright. I got through everything on my list for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Well, I missed one minor thing on Wednesday which wasn’t a big deal.)

And then Thursday hit. And Thursday just killed me.

You see, before Thursday I hadn’t slept more than six hours altogether from Monday morning until about 1am Wednesday night. Yet, I wasn’t exhausted. Not even the slightest. In fact, I was still mostly wide awake at 1am Wednesday night, but I knew I needed to sleep finally.

Why did I have only about six hours of sleep in nearly three days?

Mostly because I’m an idiot. Anyone who’s been following this blog for awhile knows I’m a total night owl. My bedtime is anywhere between 1:30am and 5am. That bedtime doesn’t always work nicely with my work schedule. This was one of those times.

Tuesday I worked an early shift and was up when I would normally be sound asleep yet. I had gone to bed late so I had about three hours of sleep that night. No big deal, I was awake yet. But then Wednesday I worked at a godawful hour. 5am. I worked at 5am.

What time did I go to bed Tuesday night? Roughly 2am, a little before. And what time did I get up? 4am. Two hours of sleep. And it wasn’t even really sleeping because I was wide awake yet. I was pretty much drifting between consciousness and dozing. Yet I was never yawning, and I was wide awake the whole shift, the whole day even.

I still have no idea why I didn’t just crash sometime after coming home on Wednesday, but I didn’t. And I still kept up with everything without issue.

Then Thursday hit. And Thursday was a long work shift, hours that screw over my entire day for anything productive, and it was hot as hell. I came home exhausted and completely forgot about writing.

Therefore, first day missed this week in getting 2k words in.

Then I woke up today and I was just drained. Don’t know why or from what really, but I spent the whole day doing nothing. I could not get myself moving no matter how hard I tried. I could not wake up. Those that know me know I do not nap no matter how tired I am because it makes me feel worse. I napped today for two hours.

Maybe the heat wore me out, or maybe working three days in a row with a lot of non-stop moving even at home finally hit me for a day.

Surprisingly, the nap seemed to have done me good this time for I’m a little more awake now. Unfortunately, it’s also late and dark out now, which means today has been wasted.

No writing done yet, no cleaning that I was supposed to do, no camping entry written, nothing. And I had totally forgotten about this blog post until I had woken from my nap and started kicking myself. I’ve got just over 2 hours left in the day to try to get another 2k words in. I know I won’t get anything else done, but if I at least get that I’ll be happy.

Right now I’m 3,813 words below par. Which, if I do 2k today and tomorrow, I will still be back on par by tomorrow night as I wanted to be. Even though I had a lapse yesterday from work. I think I can manage that, and maybe even catch up what I didn’t do today. Tomorrow was supposed to just be a finish-what-I-didn’t-finish-earlier-in-the-week day anyways.

So I might still be okay. Next week though… Well, let’s just say the last two weeks of July are going to kill me. Almost two months of easy work schedules that allowed me to get a lot done — or be lazy — and then suddenly, when I need the easy work schedule to stay on track, it’s gone right out the window as things pop up unexpectedly.

Go figure.

There’s not going to be enough caffeine and time in the world to get through these last two weeks without losing my sanity.

I think I can say hello to my old friend Stress starting Sunday again. It didn’t last long being away from him, and now he’ll be here to stay for awhile. Wonderful.

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