Back With Plans!

I’m ba-aaack!

I’m actually seriously back this time! I really do mean it now!

The new hard drive came in on Saturday and we installed it, but due to work, the holiday, and my fear of using the computer in case something else went wrong, I have only now begun to use it.

(Seriously, it took a friend literally calling me and refusing to get off until I turned the computer on and tried it to get over this irrational fear of something else going wrong. Plus she wanted to hear my reaction to it working. Apparently someone was confident enough for me that it would work.)

But it works!!!

Well, sort of. For some odd stupid reason it’s only letting me type this post in the classic WordPress dashboard instead of the normal editor version. Something about unsupported browser. Whatever the hell that means. Maybe this version of Internet Explorer that was put on is out of date or something, I’ll figure that out later.

Right now I’m just relieved this works and I’m actually writing a blog post, and blog hopping and about to start writing for NaNo! (I’m still half holding my breath every time I try something with the computer though.)

Anyways, so now that I’m back to the online world with a better connection than just my phone, it means I have a lot of catching up to do.

I have emails I have to go through, some Wednesday Words flash fiction posts, all things Wattpad related almost, blog hops to do… Let’s just say there’s a lot of catching up to do yet. I have done some already. I went through my writing email already and caught up on last week’s blog hops from Sunday Snippets, but there’s still a lot more to do.

Which brings me to my questions…

Since I have so many Shards to catch up on from flash fictions (yes I still plan to do all the ones I missed, I did a few handwriting), do I continue to do those on Wednesday’s yet, even though it’s NaNo now?

I had originally thought I would do that week’s, and one of the ones I missed every Wednesday until I was caught up. Two a week. Manageable, right? But with it also being a NaNo month, is that too much?

I also have to throw in there I’m still overhaul cleaning my room and the spare room to get rid of things for a yard sale I finally managed to find a place for and is now set in date for the first weekend in August. Plus work yet. Plus I really, really need to pick up the pace on beta reading since this set me back two months.

So is it too much to do all that at once?

I mean, I’m not setting a really high goal for NaNo this month after the iffy start I’ve had and the fact I’ve got a lot to do also. As of now I went by my normal rule of thumb which is a 1k-a-day sort of goal, or 31k for the whole month. That’s the goal I have written on the site right now. I would like more, obviously, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be happy I add that much more, because it’s still that much closer to finishing this novel.

My goal is still to finish Book 1 this year so I can edit it next year.

So that’s my tentative plan. Sort of.

I’m still not sure I should try for two Shards every Wednesday — one old and one new. I’d like to so I can get caught up. Obviously I’ll only be posting the new one to my blog and if you want to read the other one you’ll have to head over to Wattpad to see it, but it seems reasonable to do it that way.

Actually, I don’t even have to write the old one on Wednesday. I could do it on my day off and post it to Wattpad from there, only the new one has to be done on Wednesday. This suddenly seems a bit more manageable.

Now, as long as I can find time to clean and work and blog hop and write and create something else I just of in between all this cluster of chaos, I should be set.

Speaking of which, now that I have a working computer again, I should really go start writing! I’ve only been waiting two months…

So happy belated start to the madness, Campers! Hello, Camp. Goodbye, Sanity!

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