Remember me saying two weeks ago that I had acquired a working computer finally and I was going to be up and running by that Tuesday again? 

My regular blog posts would be back, Wednesday Words posts would be back, writing would be back to normal. Everything.

Well, I’m sure by now you can guess all of that fell through. Again. 


I had been all set to go and as we set up the computer in my room, it wanted to do an update since it hadn’t been used in a year. Which, okay, fine, it didn’t surprise me.

The problem came when it froze at update 38 of 65. For half a day it stayed frozen there and we had no choice but it force it to shut down. With fingers crossed we tried to boot it the next day again, and…let the hope shrivel away there.

It turned on, but it was running at less than snail speed and it would not even start up correctly. We tried to let it fix itself through safe modes and all that good tech stuff and no luck. 

We tried more than one thing, praying desperately by some miracle we could fix it and finally last Sunday the verdict became all too clear:

The hard drive on this computer had crashed as well. 

Which meant I was back to square one, and only had a week until NaNo began.

Now NaNo is here and I still do not have a working computer.

As our final resort to hopefully not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer yet, I had ordered a new hard drive for my laptop. But it has yet to come in and according to Amazon, it may not be here till July 6th.

(Doesn’t UPS know it’s NaNo month and I need my computer? It’s just sitting in their facility according to the tracking details. Gahhh!)

However, there is a lot hinging on this new hard drive. If it does work to fix my computer, we have to hope we can access the Internet to download a new Windows. And then I have to hope the Word version I have will be compatible with the Windows version I will have to install.

If it doesn’t then I have to go buy a new version of Word. And that is all still if this new hard drive for it even fixes everything.

If it all falls through, then I have no choice but to go buy a new computer. 

But of course, this even has its hitches. If the hard drive does not come in by tomorrow night, then I will not have any time this weekend to go get a new computer should I need to. And I will not have any time next weekend either because I will not be home again that weekend.

By that point, NaNo will be over two weeks in already, three weeks by the time I have a chance to go computer shopping, IF I’m even off work that weekend.

So it comes down to this hard drive or nothing. I missed my tradition of writing at midnight for NaNo and it’s already killing me inside. It’s been killing me inside when it’s been two months without a computer and no writing or updating.

Two months of nothing, with all my hope and wishes and sanity hinging on a hard drive showing up at my home preferably tomorrow without any more hitches to follow it.

I’ve waved the white flag weeks ago now, and have still been waving it. Can something please go right this time? I’m running out of the measly hope I have left over here.