Back to Normal! Almost…

I’m back, baby!

Sort of…

I know, I know, I haven’t had any posts other than my Snippets for almost two whole months now. Okay, more like a month and three quarters. Close enough. I was doing a post for Friday’s when I would stop at the library to blog hop for snippets, but someone is always quite nagging about how long I spend here so I haven’t had one the past two weeks. Not to mention a library computer has a limited allotted time I can use.

This post is still coming from the library, but I also have good news! Finally!

I have acquired a computer that is finally usable! (Well, I had gotten it about a week ago but it had no internet connection and it did not have Word. Both of which are the things I need.) Within the past few days, we have successfully managed to get Word on it and have finally acquired a wireless router for the internet which means I am saved!

Hopefully this weekend I will have a working computer set up and I will be back to normal on posting and writing! Hooray!

I’ve been going stir crazy without it.

Although, the computer I acquired is a desktop and not a laptop so it isn’t coming without its hitches. Obviously I can’t go anywhere with it, and I can’t leave my desk then. But it’s also bigger than I expected, which means I have to find some way to get it onto my small-ish desk. That shall be interesting. It does have wireless keyboard and mouse which certainly helps, but it’s still a pretty damn big screen. I have to putz around with the things on my desk to try to work out how I’m fitting it later today or tomorrow morning.

This also means I could try the cheap end of replacing the hard drive in my laptop for use of going places at least when my writing needs to be portable, like for camping. If it doesn’t work, I’m only out about $50, opposed to spending $800 or so on a new computer.

Did I mention I got this desktop computer for free as well? I got lucky times about ten.

In other news, I’ve done a little bit of flash fiction writing longhand, but nothing much. I’m still behind on what I wanted to do. I also have a camping entry I have to write yet this weekend since that has begun again. (If I had had a computer when it first began, one of my posts would have been how I journal it. Eh, I might still write that one.)

The next Camp NaNo starts in exactly two weeks, so this computer came in just the nick of time! I’m already signed up and ready to roll for the most part, though I need to familiarize myself with where I was again and go through some notes. I have a bit of time yet, not much, but some. I’m excited already, I’ve been excited for a month. Especially now that the nervous anxiety of not having a computer is over with.

In unrelated writing news, I’ve begun the daunting task of cleaning my room out and getting rid of things. I’ve been buried neck deep in Narnia for the past few days, but it is going great! As long as I can find somewhere to hold a yard sale I’d be set! (Where I live does not have that option, so if anyone has any suggestions on generic places that may allow me to set up a yard sale for a weekend, please, drop them here!) I’m amazed with the fact I’m actually beginning to accomplish one of my 2016 goals for the year. Actually, this might be the second one I’m accomplishing… This does amaze me!

So things are finally running smoothly for me again. Now I’m just praying it stays that way. Hopefully I will have a working computer set up this weekend now and you will see another post from me on my regular Tuesdays, back to schedule.

Wish me luck!


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