Not Alone (Snippet Sunday 6.12.16)

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I am going to continue sharing from my first ever novel Breaking Point through the rest of June before switching to something else in July again. Breaking Point is an adventure novel that for once has no elements of fantasy.

Previously on Sunday Snippets: Our main character, who has yet to be named, has taken a ride through the forest on her horse Midnight, and has found herself racing a buck through the foliage. Midnight and his rider have veered off the path somewhere and have now found themselves in a uncharted part of the forest they have never seen before.

Picking up right where I left off from last week’s snippet.

(Some sentences may have been creatively edited and punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. I’m over, again. Can we just agree that my snippets will always be a little longer but not too long?)


I scanned the trees surrounding us once more and decided enough was enough. Turning Midnight back towards the clearing, I sent him running. He responded instantly, his ears flat back on his head as he plunged towards the prospect of safety.

We raced through the trees. Behind me I could hear the distinct sound of more hooves and the heavy breathing of horses; but I dared not look to see who, or what, was there.

The approaching sounds from behind only spurred Midnight on faster until we were running so fast I was afraid he would stumble over his own hooves and both of us would go tumbling.

As we came up to the clearing, the sounds behind us faded and stopped. I finally dared to look back as we made it to the clearing. Again, my eyes met nothing and a sigh of relief went through.

A sigh that turned into a scream as Midnight suddenly pulled up short and reared high into the air, letting out an ear piercing neigh. I nearly fell off the back of my horse as I scrambled to hold onto him.

“Midnight!” I screamed as I finally stabilized myself from falling off.

Midnight struck at the air for a little before crashing back down to the ground. He stood, pawing the ground and snorting as I stared forward into the eyes of another rider.


Looks like she wasn’t imagining the other horse after all.

Breaking Point 3

Cover made by @writethelove on Wattpad


This story is not yet on Wattpad either as it is another unfinished work and unedited as well. I refuse to put up anything that is unedited. One day I hope to finish this book, but my focus this year is Fated to Darkness.

However! If you wish to read anything else that I do have finished, you can hop on over to  my profile on Wattpad and check out what I have to offer. I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads.

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