Still Computer-Less

Ugh. Just ugh.

It has been a rough couple weeks since my last manageable post.

So here I am — was — again, back at the library to schedule the Sunday Snippets since I’m still without a working computer. It really sucks, and I’m still such a lost puppy. I figured if I’m scheduling my snippets I might as well schedule a post for Friday while I’m at it for an update.

Yes, I am still computer-less. Sadly. Very sadly.

The verdict now seems to be I either need a whole new computer, or I need to get a new hard drive for mine. Except, we aren’t even completely sure the hard drive is the problem on mine. I’m guessing I’ll take it to get looked at somewhere, see what a real expert says and go from there.

However, I’m starting to have mini panic attacks. I mean, Camp NaNo for July starts in a month. A MONTH. Do you know how nervous I’m getting that I won’t have a working computer when that time comes? I’m extremely nervous. I want to be able to do NaNo. I want to finish this first novel in my series this year.

I can’t do that without a computer to work from.

This is an author’s worst nightmare. Well, okay maybe the worst, worst nightmare would be losing an entire page, chapter, novel… Yeah, that’s way worse. I had that scare once already, not going there again. This is pretty far up on the nightmare scale though.

Anyways, the past two weeks have been rough, and I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done as well. No editing, no writing really, no nothing. I’m kicking myself. I’ve started a couple of the flash fictions, but I just lack the motivation and will power to keep going without a computer and a deadline of midnight to get them written and posted.

(See? This blog really has kept me on track then.)

And let me just say that blog hopping snippets using a Kindle is a royal pain in the ass.

I’m hoping things are now going to be picking back up a little and won’t be such a…shoot-me-now kind of mood. And that’s partly due to the fact I have gone back to horseback riding. Also, I need to get my camping journal up and ready by next week now that that is starting back up. Maybe that’ll be the motivation I need to get my butt moving again.

Maybe. Hopefully…

And here’s hoping I have a working computer within the next couple weeks, again. This whole lost feeling is getting old quick. You know it’s bad when you find yourself literally wandering in circles in the middle of your room because you feel like you have nothing to do without your computer.


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