Unexpected Trail (Snippet Sunday 5.15.16)

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snippet sunday

I am going to continue sharing from my first ever novel Breaking Point for the rest of May and through June. Breaking Point is an adventure novel that for once has no elements of fantasy.

Previously on Sunday Snippets: Our main character, who has yet to be named, has taken a ride through the forest on her horse Midnight, and has found herself racing a buck through the foliage.

Picking up right where I left off my snippet two week’s ago. (After an unexpected computer crash that screwed me for a week as my post Friday explains.)

(Some sentences may have been creatively edited and punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. I’m over, again. Can we just agree that my snippets will always be a little longer but not too long?)


We passed tree after tree in our run, the buck following us the whole time. It stayed with us for what seemed like a good ten minutes. Until a sudden crashing sound made the deer spook and bolt away into the woods.

Midnight balked at the loud noise, shying away to the side and throwing his head up. He slowed down to a nervous trot and pranced, wary of what had caused the sound. I looked around in puzzlement, searching for the source, but could see no visible signs of what cause the sound. My best guess was that a large tree branch fell, or an older tree finally met its demise. I just didn’t see anything to back that theory up.

A crash as loud as it was couldn’t have been too far from our position. But from what I could see, there was no disturbance of animals or trees in the vicinity. I couldn’t possibly imagine what made the sound.

After several minutes, and numerous soothing words to Midnight, he finally calmed down enough to stop prancing around and chewing his bit. Gently, I stroked his neck, shushing him into a steady walk once more.

We continued on, walking for awhile to catch our breath from our long journey. Eventually, we were well rested enough to start our regular pace back up. I urged Midnight into a slow canter once more and watched as the trees passed by in a blur. We’d been out riding for over an hour, yet neither of us wished to return home. I took another glance around the trail, finally noting the differences in the surroundings. The path we were on now wasn’t familiar anymore, the trees to close together and blocking out the sunlight. Moss grew everywhere and thick lichen covered the forest floor.

Somewhere along the way we had taken a new path, and I wasn’t quite sure where we had veered off from. I wasn’t at all familiar with where we were, and I wasn’t at all sure I knew how to make it back to the small trail that lead home. The forest around us had taken on an eerie setting, putting both me and my horse on edge.


What could she possibly have stumbled onto out in the woods?

Breaking Point 3

Cover made by @writethelove on Wattpad


This story is not yet on Wattpad either as it is another unfinished work and unedited as well. I refuse to put up anything that is unedited. One day I hope to finish this book, but my focus this year is Fated to Darkness.

However! If you wish to read anything else that I do have finished, you can hop on over to  my profile on Wattpad and check out what I have to offer. I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,
hop on over to Facebook and check out Snippet Sunday!

27 thoughts on “Unexpected Trail (Snippet Sunday 5.15.16)

  1. Great tension and lots of mystery Very curious what caused that crashing sound (maybe when your computer crashed, lol, jk) Very intriguing snippet and great visuals.

    Liked by 1 person

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