A Light at the End of the Tunnel

I know, I know, I haven’t had a post in a week now. I can only blame that on that fact I had another unexpected computer crash, same as what happened last November that left me computer-less for two months. I’m also blaming Mercury’s Retrograde, because, well, I can.

I’m not a happy camper.

However, I refuse to let it fully stop me this time around. Of course, I can’t actually make my blog posts for Tuesday or Friday’s now. (This is only posting because I’m scheduling it from the library. Scheduling is a major lifesaver let me tell you that, so are libraries.) And I cannot do my flash fiction pieces on Wednesday now without any computer to actually write them out, or post them. However, the one thing I can do is my Snippet Sunday posts.

I took a trip to the library on Wednesday and have scheduled the rest of the posts through May. Once the end of May hits, and if I still have no computer, I will take another trip out to schedule June’s snippets. So I’m not fully off the grid this time around.

Though my snippets will be the only thing posting until I either get a new computer or I manage to fix this one again. At this point, I’m not sure which it’s going to be.

Anyways, the computer crash threw a host of issues into my face. Can’t blog, can’t blog hop for Sunday Snippets, can’t write, can’t do much of anything.

I was going to be literal lost puppy when everything I do revolves around writing and needing a computer. (Funny how you never actually realize how dependent you are on a piece of technology as an author until this happens.) And I was a literal lost puppy staring at a wall bored out of my mind for five days.

Then I started to have a few epiphanies, thanks to a couple good friends.

Yes, I can’t do my normal blog posts, but I can still journal of course. This is why I have a journal. Yes, I can’t do my flash fiction pieces here or post them to Wattpad, but I can still view the prompts from the Wordpress app on my phone which means I can still longhand write them. (I won’t be able to post them here ever, but I can still post them to Wattpad and make a blog post when I have access to a computer again giving an overview of the new ones added and such. Which is what I plan to do.)

Yes, I can’t write my novel without a computer when I didn’t know where I left off, but I can view the Word doc from my Kindle to find where I left off (I email them to myself for extra back up safety) and then I can keep writing longhand. Though it will be major pain in the arse to type everything over to the Word doc later. Yes, I can’t blog hop, but then I was told I can do it from my Kindle, as painstakingly slow as it is that way. Yes, I can’t update Rivers of Black on Wattpad or my Word doc now when I was going to edit it this month, but I can still do the paper edits and work things out. I’m super glad I had all this printed before April now.

So, in reality, almost everything I do on a daily, weekly basis for writing, I can still do with a few short cuts or changes. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do via novel writing and Shards of Imagination for Wattpad once I get a working computer again, but I’m not totally screwed.

And therefore, there is hope.

Things were looking quite down, but now there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. I can make this work. And until I get that computer, you’ll at least see something of me in my Sunday Snippet posts.


(Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! May the odds be ever in your favor when it’s a Full Moon too. *Snickers*)


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