What’s Next?

I feel lost…

Camp NaNo has officially ended for April and now I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with myself. It always feels this way after one of these months; like I’m supposed to be doing something but I can’t quite figure out what. I feel like I should still be making a mad dash in writing, but now I don’t have to mad dash it.

I’m lost.

It’s like coming down from an addicted high and bottoming out until you figure out which direction you’re going again, stumbling around blindly in a daze while you feel like you’re missing something.

Which, in truth, you are. You’re missing the frenzied writing that has taken up every waking, and non-waking, moment of your life in the past month.


I finally copy and pasted over everything I wrote for Camp into the original Word doc for Fated to Darkness. Any guesses on what that grand total is now? Any? No? Well, before the start of NaNo, I was sitting just under 200 pages and I was roughly 10k below hitting 100k for the whole novel.

Drum roll please!

The grand total now is that I’m sitting at 319 pages and 152.7k words.

Those numbers are blowing my mind.

Not so much the word count number, I knew how many words I wrote, and I knew this novel was going to be long. But the number of pages I jumped is really blowing my mind. I feel like I didn’t even see the 200’s at all. I just passed by them in a blink of an eye, collected 200 dollars around Go, and now I’m suddenly seeing the number 319. Like…shit. I can’t even wrap my head around that yet.

I went from page 189 (roughly when I do the math) to page 319 in a month. A month, people.

My head is spinning. I’m half in shock at that and half internally giggling and smiling.

So now what? What’s next now that Camp NaNo’s first session of 2016 is over?

I’m…not too sure just yet.

I know I need to keep myself on track and not fall off the horse again in writing. Even if it’s not every day, I at least need to be writing something every week. I don’t just mean my flash fiction Shards either. I’m still sticking to them, but I’m saying I need to keep on with Fated to Darkness as well. Not fall off the horse as I normally do.

Yes, July’s Camp is only two months away now. And yes, I am already thinking about it. Depending how these two months go in writing, I know I’ll be working on Fated to Darkness for July as well. (My goal is to finish this novel this year, after all. First draft at least.) The only difference is how far I’ll be in the novel by then and if, by some excited chance, I’ll finish it in July.

Now of course there’s other things I need to be doing again that I’ve neglected all through April. (Seriously though, what writer doesn’t push everything else to the back burner during NaNo months?)

I think I’ve come up with a tentative plan for the month of May. I think.

Since I didn’t do it in March like I wanted, I need to re-edit Rivers of Black and get that re-released into the Wattpad realm so that — I’m hoping — it draws a little more attention. I also have another book I have to beta read this month again. Then there’s the other menial chores around the house like cleaning a bathroom and all that fun stuff.

Other than my flash fiction Shards, I want to keep writing, so I’ll be juggling editing, writing, and beta reading all in one month. Plus work. Plus getting ready for the camping season starting the beginning of next month. Plus…

Yeah… And I thought NaNo months were crazy…

Well I know my “what’s next?” now. Only, here’s the better question to that answer:

Which one do I start with first?

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