Winner! But Not Done Yet


That’s right! I made it, baby!

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016 WINNER!

28 days, 61,060 words (61,038 after validating), 128 pages, 6.5 chapters finished, and one more chapter started.

This is the highest goal I’ve ever set for a NaNo month and I made it! I’m quite proud of that.

It’s been an interesting month to say the least. A few ups and downs, a couple snags in the writing, but also a lot of steamrolling right through it.

At the beginning of the month I wrote about 40k words in eleven days or so. Then I hit a dilemma that had me banging my had off my keyboard until I finally got out of my character’s way and let them roll with it. So for a week or so I did have a lapse and didn’t get much done writing, though it wasn’t the best week work wise either which didn’t help, but I still pushed through in the end.

There were only three days this month I fell below par which is a personal best for me. All of which were in the last week when my ginormous word cushion caught up to me from that struggling week or so I had in writing. I’m not going to count how many days I didn’t write, I don’t want to know that number. (Though some of those days I was working on a flash fiction piece for Shards of Imagination instead of writing for NaNo. And one day I was spontaneously writing poems. So it’s not like all of those days were no writing at all.)

Still, that is a ton of words and pages added to my first draft. I haven’t even copied and pasted what I wrote for NaNo into the original Word doc of the novel yet to see the grand total. (I write for NaNo in a blank doc and copy and paste over because it makes things so much easier in keeping track of word count and validating at the end of the month.) Well, I have copied and pasted a majority of what I’ve written over, but I haven’t been doing it the past week, so I don’t even know how many pages and words I’m really at for the entire novel now.

It’s a lot, I can tell you that much.

I can say I’m on Chapter 21 at the current moment, and each one is drawing me closer and closer to the end of the novel. I’m getting so, so excited. I never thought I would pass 100k words, or 100 pages, let alone 20 chapters, and here I am, having done all three now within the past month.

It amazes me what I’m doing. It terrifies me, excites me, and amazes me all at once. Writing is just that powerful on so many level.

My characters didn’t always like to listen this month, but they have surprised me, made me scream at them, break my own heart, and smile like an idiot. It’s been a good month for writing. I’m currently completely pantsing this novel with no more planned chapters, but it’s running better that way now after I was hitting the snags so I’m just going to keep going that way for now.

Why mess with what’s working, right?

My heart’s desire was to get 70k written for the entire month. I can certainly still make it. I’ve got two days left, one of which I’m off work and only 9k words left to write to hit that. It’s very possible for me to do, and I’ve got three people rooting for me to go for it.

I’m going for it, too.

Yeah, I’ve already validated and my race to win is technically over, but my heart wants that 70k and I want to see if I can do it, so I’m trying for it. Of course, I still have one more work shift in the month, and two weeks worth of blogs to hop through on Sunday Snippets by Saturday night as well…

If I really wanted to, I could pull an all nighter tonight, I’m off Saturday, and Sunday, so I could crash afterwards and not have to worry about any of it. Even if I get through just one week of blogs, or a week and a half, I can make up the rest next week yet when NaNo is officially over. I’m not overly worried about it. As long as I catch up on the first week I’m behind on I’ll be happy. We’ll see how it goes. If I can get that 9k by Saturday morning or early afternoon, I’ll be in good shape for blogs.

However, if I’m aiming for that, I better get back to writing then. I can’t wait to finish this novel, and I’m really hoping I do finish it this year. Now just as long as I stop slacking off in non-NaNo months…

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