The Final Countdown

Now I am panicking.

Well, sort of.

There is five days left to April’s Camp NaNo — counting today — and I still need 11,991 words to hit goal and validate.

Why did I set a goal of 60k? Why didn’t I just leave it at a nice 50k? Why did I even wish for 70k or more at one point?

Oh… Right… Because at that point, I was on a big roll and wrote 40k words in a week. And look where it’s gone from there!

Down… Down… Down…

Granted, I’m not sitting too badly. I only need 2,399 words per day to hit goal. It could be a lot worse if I really had put that 70k as my set-in-stone goal. (Thank the Gods I didn’t.) So I’m really not that bad off, but I’m starting to get nervous.

As of Sunday I had officially fallen below par for the first time this month. Which really sucks because I was doing so great and I thought I could have made it above par the whole way. Par right now is 52k, and I’m sitting at 48,009 words. So I’m just under 4k below par.

It’s not bad. On a good day off I can do 5k or more in one day.

Like I should have yesterday…

I had yesterday off and my head was just up in the clouds. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to come down and focus. I only managed to write about 1.8k yesterday. Which has me a bit bummed, and is also the reason I’m starting to panic for. I mean, if I had hit 5k like I wanted to, I would have been back to par for yesterday and would only need 2k today to hit par.

But now I need that 4k to hit par.

I do have two more days off yet this week, and today’s shift is a really short one. Both of the other two days are shifts I can work with for writing as well, so I’m not too worried, but this is the final countdown.

The final countdown is always worrying.

I’m hoping by Friday’s blog post I will have validated that way I can spend my Saturday blog hopping two week’s worth of Sunday Snippets — because I’m an idiot and have fallen behind rather badly.

(Yes I know, NaNo writing was more important, except I wasn’t writing as much as I wanted. I’ve been slacking. I refuse to admit I am burned out. I’m not. It’s just a small lapse.)

So I’ve got five days to write 11,991 words. Three work shifts to get through. Two weeks worth of blog hopping. Another flash fiction prompt tomorrow. Oh! And did I mention before that Mercury goes Retrograde on Thursday? Yeah, I’m not looking forward to that. I’ve been feeling the effects of it since Saturday already. It’s not going to be a good one.

I definitely should validate by Friday night before Mercury really decides to screw me, or I will be one pissed off author.

Thanks to this countdown, this author isn’t letting herself go to bed until she’s hit 50k. I better go get writing then, because I want sleep.

(And did I get a song stuck in anyone else’s head besides my own from that title? *Snickers*)


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